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Tickled n Teased

BBW Bound, Spread Eagle and Tickled

BBW Bound, Spread Eagle and TickledSinnamon goes to town on BBW Victoria Lordz. Victoria is so ticklish, there's no place Sinnamon touches her that doesn't make her shudder in tickle ecstasy. She tickles her sides and her thighs then discovers that Victoria's feet are particularly sensitive to tickling.(Sinnamon's going to have fun exploring that weakness!) All Victoria can say over and over is how good being tickled feels.

Ebony Cock Teasing

Ophelia Can't Stop Sucking Cock

Ophelia Can't Stop Sucking CockOphelia Rain really can't control herself. She is given a simple task, stroke the slaves cock just hard enough to keep him hard, but slow enough to keep him from cumming. Simple ? Ophelia takes things into her own mouth. She just can't control herself, second her Mistress turns around, she is sucking balls, soon after, a dick in her mouth. What is a poor slave to do?

Bound n Teased

Suck my Pussy if You Want To Cum

Suck my Pussy if You Want To CumSexy Dymund has little Diamond right where she wants her - mouth to pussy. She also controls Diamond's vibrator which is suspended above her clit. If Diamond wants to cum, she first has to satisfy Dymund orally. It's the only way...

Goddess Sonyas Ebony Mistress Theater

Ava Black's Punching Bag Boi's

Ava Black's Punching Bag Boi'sMistress Ava Black needs a good morning workout this morning. Of course her slaves must help in her fun. She puts on the gloves and builds up a great sweat with her two house slave. Maybe she will allow a lucky one to lick the sweat from her ass crack once it is all finished.

Tickled n Teased

GoGo Fukme's Ass Tickle

GoGo Fukme's Ass TickleA legendary ass such as this needs to be handled in a special way. Spread eagle, ass out, GoGo struggles but in the end ( pun intended ) she receives what she deserves.

Ebony Cock Teasing

Caged & Vibrated Cock Tease

Caged & Vibrated Cock TeaseDo you think you can cum while you're in chastity? Your caged cock gets vibrated by your Mistress as an experiment in desire. If you want it bad enough, her teasing will set your spunk free. So, let's see how badly you want to cum...

Bound n Teased

Queen Qandisa's Plastic Wrap Tease

Queen Qandisa's Plastic Wrap TeaseQueen Qandisa's Gimp must spend ever Sunday in bondage 24/7. The gimps role is to please Queen Qandisa and her friends. This particular Sunday Queen Qandisa decided to have some fun and make the poor gimp cum over and over again. As the gimp has a head mask on, she can't hear nor see. She can only feel the vibration on her clit and moan away. What fun!

Goddess Sonyas Ebony Mistress Theater

Mistress Caramel Whips Her Slave

Mistress Caramel Whips Her SlaveBBW Mistress Caramel knows just what you want from her ample thighs. But before you are allowed to even glance at her, you must pay the sweet price.

Tickled n Teased

Sexy Restrained Tickling

Sexy Restrained TicklingThis bound beauty's being tickled by Dymund and you won't believe where she's ticklish! Dymund tickles the hell out of Desire's pussy while giving her slaps to her ample bottom. The laughter is light, but the chemistry between these girls is obvious as Dymund squeezes and fondles Desire's cute little breasts when she's not tickling her pussy.

Ebony Cock Teasing

Vietnamese Plastic Wrap Cock Tease

Vietnamese Plastic Wrap Cock TeaseVietnamese Mistress Nelja has special plans for you today. She is going to wrap you up in cling wrap. Spin you around and then play with your cock. Sound like a plan ??

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