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Bound n Teased

Stripped, Baby Oiled and Spanked Orgasm

Stripped, Baby Oiled and Spanked OrgasmSabine is strung up, cut out of her clothes, oiled down and given serious orgasms by a mean girl Dymund and her partner Trina. The two take full advantage of poor Sabine and use the vibrator to punish her orgasm hungry pussy.

Goddess Sonyas Ebony Mistress Theater

Mistress Treasure Tramples Your Cock

Mistress Treasure Tramples Your CockMistress Treasure certainly knows how to treat your captured sensitive cock. Standing on it may not have been what you had in mind, but it beats anything else you were planning to do.

Tickled n Teased

Followed, Bound and Tickled by a Clown

Followed, Bound and Tickled by a ClownSilly girl. Danni, a recent English transplant, is not aware of a clown on the loose that is following her to her destination. She is caught, tied up and tickled all over her body. Danni tries to talk her way out of her predicament, but the only way out is compliance with her strange captor.

Ebony Cock Teasing

Nikki Darling Sucks Machine Cock

Nikki Darling Sucks Machine CockAdult Superstar Nikki Darling Gives us a primer on proper dick sucking. Sloppy blow job lovers, this is your dream come true.

Bound n Teased

Mia Li Cums on the Sybian

Mia Li Cums on the SybianAs the saying goes, "In Space No One Hears You Scream". For your amusement, we present to you faithful viewer, the beautiful Mia Li, all gimped out, tied to a Sybian and Cuming her brains out.

Goddess Sonyas Ebony Mistress Theater

Ava Puts Food In Your Pants

Ava Puts Food In Your PantsMistress Ava Black has a treat in store for her Bull slave. She is going to pack a picnic lunch for him. Unfortunately her basket is busy right now, so she chooses the next best thing. His Cock. Fine meal this will make...

Tickled n Teased

Leah Hart Tickled on the Apparatus

Leah Hart Tickled on the ApparatusLeah Hart puts her sensitive Asia flesh to the test in the tickle torture ordeal.  Bound tightly, Leah can't even wiggle as the tickling begins.  Watch her go crazy.....

Ebony Cock Teasing

Fleshlight Cock Tip Tease

Fleshlight Cock Tip TeaseSonya puts the tip of her slave's cock into a juicy Fleshlight and teases him, going no further than the tip. She rubs his swollen cock head against the lifelike clit back and forth, causing his breath to quicken with excitement and frustration. Fast then slow, in then out, she teases his cock tip for all it's worth bring his bulging cock close to bursting. Then she stops the teasing, just like that.

Bound n Teased

Loosey Lu Fucked in The Ballet Studio

Loosey Lu Fucked in The Ballet StudioWhat really happens at Miss Susi's ballet studio ? We give you a behind the scene as to why it's the most popular dance studio anywhere. Not only will your flexibility be tested, but all your orifices are certain to get a workout as well.

Goddess Sonyas Ebony Mistress Theater

Kiana Flogs Her Slave

Kiana Flogs Her SlaveKiana has a hard day ahead of her. Slaves to whip, muscles to build and all the things that make her fabulous. She has no time for a wimpy house slave such as you. You are not even good enough to suck her girl cock.. Ready for your flogging ?

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