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Tickled n Teased

GoGo Fukme Tickled and Smothered

GoGo Fukme Tickled and SmotheredJade Nacole is exacting her revenge on GoGo. Tied to the bed, sensitive GoGo gets her neck, armpits, sides, pussy and feet tickled mercilessly with flowers. Struggling against her bondage until she breaks the cuffs, Jade Nacole smothers her screams with her bottom and uses her breasts to silence her as well. GoGo is so worked up over her ordeal she promises Jade she will pee herself (although we don't see it) and whatever other items she wants. Anything to make her stop.

Ebony Cock Teasing

Yasmine Deleon Controls Your Cum

Yasmine Deleon Controls Your CumYasmine DeLeon is disgusted with your cock. She will tease you and stroke you, all the time calling you out. She and only she decides how and when you will cum.

Bound n Teased

Kittie Fucks, Barbara Sucks

Kittie Fucks, Barbara SucksWhile Kittie jams a cock into Barbara's hungry pussy, Bound Barbara vigorously licks and sucks Kittie's shaved pussy for her. Both girls are helping each other get off and loving every minute of it.

Goddess Sonyas Ebony Mistress Theater

Mistress Kiana Sits on Your Face

Mistress Kiana Sits on Your FaceMistress Kiana likes to make her slaves feel her might and smell her womanhood. Oiled and sparsely dressed she captures your tongue on her ass and breasts.

Tickled n Teased

Nadia Whites Lesbian Vibrator Tickle

Nadia Whites Lesbian Vibrator TickleNadia White has been bound all night and left alone to think about her punishment. Asian Mistress Nyssa Nevers is not too thrilled that Nadia turned the tables on her last week and bound her with her sensitive armpits exposed. Then one final touch, a vibrator tied to her sensitive clit. Let the tickling begin...

Ebony Cock Teasing

Two Girl Ice Stroking Tease

Two Girl Ice Stroking TeaseJade Nacole is mentoring Dymund in the art of cock tease. She makes her use ice to rub all over your cock but both girls get so worked up they end up making out while sharing ice cube kisses. Don't worry though, you'll still get cool fingers teasing you and melted ice drizzled onto your cock in the interim.

Bound n Teased

Daisy Ducati Feeds Montana Star GirlCock

Daisy Ducati Feeds Montana Star GirlCockMontana Starr is an expert cock sucker, just ask anyone lucky enough to know first hand. Mistress Daisy Ducati wants her girlcock sucked by the best so she can satisfy her girlcocks needs. She was not disappointed by Montana.

Goddess Sonyas Ebony Mistress Theater

Mistress Ava Oils Her Sexy Breasts

Mistress Ava Oils Her Sexy BreastsTime for you naughty boys to get a special holiday treat. Mistress Ava lets you into her boudoir to show you just how she pampers her breasts before it is time to retire. Listen an learn.

Tickled n Teased

Loosey Lu Tickled and Vibrated

Loosey Lu Tickled and VibratedAsian sub Loosey Lu is going to have the treat of her life. Sexy superstar Jet Set Jasmine is all set to tickle her. Loosey Lu is ready and willing to submit. Jasmine brings with her a little surprise for Loosey Lu' clit. Hot Lesbian ticking action.

Ebony Cock Teasing

Prolonged Ruined Orgasm and Post Cum Stroking

Prolonged Ruined Orgasm and Post Cum StrokingTied securely to the bed posts, Goddess Sonya is ready for some prolonged cock tease and stroking. First she ties up your cock so the the head is gorged with blood. She then edges you for 10 minutes or so. Your orgasm of course is a ruined one. Once you do cum, she then takes your cum and uses that as lube, the only lube you will get. You will be post cum stroked until you cum again. Want some of that ?

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