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Ebony Cock Teasing

Barbara's HJ Training and BJ Punishment

Barbara's HJ Training and BJ PunishmentBarbara is supposed to demonstrate for Go Go Fukme what she'd been taught about giving a proper handjob. The problem is, she sucks at following orders and can only think about putting your cock in her mouth. Go Go is aware of Barbara's face coming closer and closer to your cock instead of following instructions. Fed up with Barbara's incompetence and lack of focus, Go Go orders her mouth down onto your cock and makes you cum all over her willing titties.

Bound n Teased

Barbara Bound and Ready For Use Pt 2

Barbara Bound and Ready For Use Pt 2After Dymund has put Barbara's hungry lips and tongue to use, it's now Go Go's turn to use her up. A face harness is strapped over her greedy mouth so Go Go can mount her for fucking. While Barbara's face is used for fucking, her pussy is teased over and over making her cum.when they're done with her, they leave her on the bed bound and spent from service.

Goddess Sonyas Ebony Mistress Theater

Suspended and Fucked Up The Ass

Suspended and Fucked Up The AssIn order for your asshole to be nice and stretched, Fetish Nelja decides to suspend you. She wants your body straining as she puts her massive rod into your ripe asshole.

Tickled n Teased

Hogtied Body & Foot Tickle

Hogtied Body & Foot TickleDiamond is hogtied for Dymund to take advantage of. First she tickles her sides and armpits, then she goes after her vulnerable feet. Diamond doesn't know how much more she can take and pleads for Dymund to show her mercy.

Ebony Cock Teasing

Mistress Candy Strokes You Off

Mistress Candy Strokes You OffDo you have any time for a slow hand job? The type of hand job where your Mistress decides how to stroke you ? If and when you cum ? If you don't, too bad. It will happen to you anyway.

Bound n Teased

Kinky Klown Makes her Cum

Kinky Klown Makes her CumBound and trapped by the scary clown, Dani's only means of getting through her ordeal is to accept the orgasms being given to her by vibrator. When she cums the first time, she thinks it's over. But it's not over for her. Not by a long shot...

Goddess Sonyas Ebony Mistress Theater

Deep Throat Lesson From Bijoux Chocolate

Deep Throat Lesson From Bijoux ChocolateBijoux Chocolate has a big and long black cock. She needs to make sure her slut can handle such a dong. Are you slut enough to do it ?

Tickled n Teased

Mpenzi Tickles and Vibrates Dymund

Mpenzi Tickles and Vibrates DymundTwo submissive lesbians dream cum true. Sub Mpenzi is given the task of "Breaking" alpha sub Dymund. If Mpenzi can complete this task she will be the new alpha sub. Dymund holds tough and Master O needs to lend a hand. Who is the new Alpha sub ? You decide.

Ebony Cock Teasing

Becca Diamond: Queening, Footjob & Handjob

Becca Diamond: Queening, Footjob & HandjobLatin beauty Becca Diamond wants to see if she can turn this slave's clit into a real penis. She strokes it with lubricant and is pleasantly surprised to see it grow. As a reward, she squats on his chest and sits her ass on his face. Then she uses her pedicured feet to stroke the cock. Eventually, the slaves cums into her hand like a good obedient boy.

Bound n Teased

Leah Hart and Nentle Avril Tied Together

Leah Hart and Nentle Avril Tied TogetherWe got Lesbian lovers Nettle Avril and Leah Hart together. We asked them what their top wish was. Nettle wanted to eat pussy all afternoon long. Leah wanted her pussy eaten non stop, no mercy after she came. We let them have their wish.

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