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Goddess Sonyas Ebony Mistress Theater

Mistress Treasure Giant Strap On

Mistress Treasure Giant Strap OnHeaven is a big strong Ebony Dominatrix, Muscular and lean, with a 12 inch cock ready to use on her willing sluts.  Before Mistress Treasure works out, she must warm up by stretching out your willing and ready asshole.  Are you ready ?

Tickled n Teased

Devines Sides are Tickled

Devines Sides are Tickled The beautiful and lithe Devine is back with her arms bound high and her ankles bound low to keep her still while Sonya tickles her. Devine's sides, hips, feet are tickled but good along with behind her knees.

Goddess Sonyas Ebony Mistress Theater

You Will Never Feel This Fine Ass

You Will Never Feel This Fine AssGoddess Haven shows you something you will never have. Free access to her ass, tits and rest of her charms. Those are reserved for real men. Wimps can only watch, wish and wank.

Ebony Cock Teasing

Kitty and Mollie Noire Stroke Your Cock

Kitty and Mollie Noire Stroke Your CockKittie and Molly Noire are hungry for you spunk.  Kittie loves the feel of a hard cock in her hands.  Molly loves the feel of hot jizz on her tits.  They work hard together to make you spunk a massive load all over Mollies tits.

Bound n Teased

Spread Eagle and Oiled

Spread Eagle and OiledA lesbian dream come true for submissive Sunny.  Bound spread eagle to the bed, Sunny's most sensitive parts are played with and stroked by Fetish Nelja.  Again and again she is edged closer to orgasm the all too willing latex clad Nelja.

Goddess Sonyas Ebony Mistress Theater

You Too Can Oil Tecohas Ass

You Too Can Oil Tecohas AssAs a supreme slut, you will have a treat today. First you will clean your Mistress Asshole with your tongue. Then you will use a fine silky oil to massage her sacred asshole, so that it is silky smooth for your tongue later on.

Tickled n Teased

Leah Hart Tickles and Teases Nenetl Avril

Leah Hart Tickles and Teases Nenetl AvrilLeah Hart has mastered the Lesbian of of Tickle Tease to the extreme. Using her quiet Asian touch, Leah tickles, teases and torments the helpless ultra ticklish Nentl Avril. One minute she is tickling you, next minute a gentle caress. What will come next ?

Goddess Sonyas Ebony Mistress Theater

You Will Always Be A Loser

You Will Always Be A LoserYou are a loser and you know it. Goddess Aspen is here to remind you that you will never be able to touch her, to feel her ass. To fondle her breasts.

Ebony Cock Teasing

Stroked and Made to Eat Spunk

Stroked and Made to Eat SpunkSlave J must learn that everything has a cost. You can't get just get stroked from a beauty like Damiana for nothing. The price is he has to drink his own cum from her glass. Will he be a good boy and accept it with grace or will she have to make him accept it?

Bound n Teased

Queen Qandisa Tickles and Fucks You

Queen Qandisa Tickles and Fucks YouQueen Qandisa has her little slut girl all set up for tickling. She once heard that being fucked will cure you of being ticklish. Thus, she is all set to find out if that rumor is true. Queen Qandisa like her scientific tickling experiments to be hot.

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