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The Fetish Warehouse

Miss Suzie Gives a Footjob To the Sissy

Miss Suzie Gives a Footjob To the SissyHey Sissy, It's your lucky day.  Right after you finish worshiping your Mistress Ass Hole, you will be rewarded with a Nylon foot job.  Get to it..

The Fetish Warehouse

Savana Ginger Teases Slave G

Savana Ginger Teases Slave GSlavegirl G dangles like a puppet on a string. She is bound, hot and ready for Savannah Ginger to toy with and tease. Between her pert breasts and her exposed snatch, there is plenty for Savannah to play with and she makes Slavegirl G beg for satisfaction. Will she earn an orgasm?

The Fetish Warehouse

Wrapped and Cock Teased by Jet Set Jasmine

Wrapped and Cock Teased by Jet Set JasmineTime for your weekly cock tease.  Jet Set Jasmine has something special in store for you today.  This week you will be tapped tight so that you can not even flinch.  She will then play with your cock until you are ready to burst.  But not so fast.  Maybe we should plug that hole of yours.  No cumming until your mistress is ready.  Will she ever be ready ??

The Fetish Warehouse

Molly Noire TIckled and Clothespinned

Molly Noire TIckled and ClothespinnedMolly Noire is super ticklish, but she doesn't have permission to laugh while being tickled by Master O. Her punishment is to endure clothespins on her big tits for the duration of her tickle lesson. Then he adds clothespins to her tongue for added measure.

The Fetish Warehouse

Bitch Gets Face sitting From Tecohas

Bitch Gets Face sitting From TecohasTime for our morning workout.  Tecohas favorite way to warm up her fabulous ass is for her to sit on your face.  She may or may not give you a courtesy stroke on your cock.  Just be patient.  Mistress will decide.

The Fetish Warehouse

Athena Makes Ophelia Squirt

Athena Makes Ophelia SquirtSometimes, to get that perfect orgasm, there needs to a be a little restraint.  Athena Superior shows her Orgasm Control skills to Ophelia Rain.  And boy did it rain !!

The Fetish Warehouse

Pinned Down and Smothered by Athena Superior

Pinned Down and Smothered by Athena SuperiorThis unsuspecting wimp is about to get his ass handed to him by the powerful Athena Superior. She uses her judo skills to drop him and make him submit to her. Then she uses her big round ass and giant tits once on top of him to smother him into submission. In the end, the wimp has to admit he's been conquered by a superior amazon woman.

The Fetish Warehouse

Ingrid Mouth Tickles Nentle Avril

Ingrid Mouth Tickles Nentle AvrilA revenge tickle is a tickle experience only the brave submit to.  We think that the masochist in Nentle urged Ingrid on secretly before this shoot to make sure that this tickle would be unbelievably intense.  Ingrid really brings it to a hyper ticklish Nentle.

The Fetish Warehouse

CBT Fun With Ashley Star

CBT Fun With Ashley StarMuscle Superstar Ashley Star has a special cock tease in store for you tonight.  Cock tease ala Ashley.  Ashley combines her hard toned sexy body to make you super hard, plus her veteran cock tease skills to make you scream.  Get ready for the ultimate in Orgasm Control with this video.

The Fetish Warehouse

Master O Home Movie: Dymund tied to Ashley

Master O Home Movie: Dymund tied to AshleyDymund and Ashley are videographed by Master O pleasuring themselves. They aware bound together and fuck each other with a two ended dildo. They grind into that dildo with such abandon, it's as if no one else is around. But this is for Master O's pleasure.

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