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Tickled n Teased

Butt, Leg and Foot Tickle

Butt, Leg and Foot TickleNaomi is tied face down for BBW Victoria Lordz to tickle her nubile body. Victoria works her over from underarms to the soles of her foot. Naomi laughs lightly as Victoria tickles her butt, tickles her legs and behind her knees.

Ebony Cock Teasing

Chocolate's Two Finger HandJob

Chocolate's Two Finger HandJobChocolate Haze gives you cock tease with only her two fingers. She only uses her two fingers to wank you because she enjoys teasing cocks and frustrating you. If you're a good boy she'll grab hold of your shaft and let you cum!

Bound n Teased

Barabara's Ticklegasm

Barabara's TicklegasmMistress Phoenix ties Barbara to the bed posts before she tickles her all over her toned sexy body and bare soles. Then she gets the dildo, shoves it in her mouth to make Barbara wet it with her tongue, then fucks her with it. Now this bound beauty is really horny! Seconds after the vibrator comes in contact with her clit, she squirts on herself. Talk about a girl that loves being used!

Bound n Teased

Lana Luxor Cums for her Master

Lana Luxor Cums for her MasterMMA Star Lana Luxor loves to cum. She also loves to have it her way. Too bad, in order to get the cum relief she needed, she had to submit this time...

Goddess Sonyas Ebony Mistress Theater

Slut Worships Two Mistresses

Slut Worships Two MistressesMistress Gaia and Mistress Belladonna teach you a lesson in Obedience. You will be their slut, their toy and in the end, clean their boots.Gaia and Belladonna

Tickled n Teased

Damianas Obedience Tickle

Damianas Obedience TickleQuite an interesting scenario. Damiana is being tickled by Dymund and she is ordered to behave herself or she'll be punished. Damiana is tickled everywhere: Dymund tickles her breasts, her underarms, her inner thighs and behind her knees. She also teases Damiana's nipples and spanks her booty when she acts up. Damiana will try to be a good girl so Dymund will stop tickling her.

Ebony Cock Teasing

Smothered and Cock Teased

Smothered and Cock TeasedEncased in a sack and blindfolded, this sub's only sensations are the sound of Kelly Stylz's voice, her warm body on top of him and her feet wrapped around his exposed cock. In this sexy foot job scene, Kelly urges him to fuck her feet and provides some incentive when she smothers him with her breasts as she commands him to do a good job.

Bound n Teased

Kittie Bound, Spanked and Made to Cum

Kittie Bound, Spanked and Made to CumDymund spanks Kittie's ass and plays with her pussy. After she toys with her, Dymund applies the vibrator to her snatch. Kitty is bend over and can't stop the pleasure Dymund gives her so she just gives in to her orgasm

Goddess Sonyas Ebony Mistress Theater

Machine Fucked By Two Mistresses

Machine Fucked By Two MistressesThis Lucky sluts asshole is part of an experiment by Mistress May and Governess Painless. They want to see if your girlcunt can take their new piece of equipment. By all accounts it seems to be doing great.

Tickled n Teased

Savana Ginger Bound Baby Oil Tickle

Savana Ginger Bound Baby Oil TickleWhat's better than oiled up floppy tits jumping back and forth as a sultry Savana Ginger is tickled silly ? Nothing !

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