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I put in my credit card information but I am unable to join your website.

There can be any number of reasons you were unable to join the website. Is your credit/debit card valid? Do you have adequate funds to cover the transaction? Does your local law permit viewing adult content? If you answered yes to all these questions, contact our authorized billing agent  CCBill for assistance with your transactions.

If neither of these options help resolve your issue, contact your bank for details. If you did not use one of the authorized agents contact us for help.

How can I join without using a credit card?

You can either pay by debit card (no Visa/MasterCard logo required) or by mail (money order/cashiers check only) Due to the nature of these options, in most cases there are no refunds allowed and some variations in the price structure/membership terms according to your locality. Memberships created by mail do not start until funds have been received and transaction cleared.

Visit the sign up page for details on these alternative options.

Why can't I get into the members area?

If your membership is valid (i.e., is already paid for/hasn't already expired or been terminated), be sure you entered your username and password exactly as when you first created them.

If you are still being asked for your password on the login page after meeting these criteria and performing these actions, contact us for further assistance.


Help! I've lost/forgotten my Username/Password or I can't log in.

If you joined through CCBill, contact CCBill Support
If you joined by mail,
contact us

How can I cancel my recurring membership?


For memberships through CCBill, contact CCBill Support

Membership expires at the end of the period you paid for despite cancellation.


Will I ever receive emails from your address?

We will not contact any of our members under any circumstances unless replying to an inquiry made by them or regarding suspicious member activity. To ensure your privacy, we recommend signing up for a free Yahoo! or Hotmail account.


What name will appear on my credit card?

All charges will discreetly appear as CCBill on your credit card statement to protect your privacy.

How do I know the videos will play on my computer?

All our movies are encoded in Flash Video (FLV). To ensure that your system is capable of playing our movies we recommend you play the preview video before joining the site. We also recommend that you make sure you have at least Flash 8 Plugin installed on your system. If you don't or you're not sure, downloaded the latest Flash Player for free.


In addition, we recommend Broadband connections of 1Mb/s download speeds (1024Kb/s for DSL), for optimal viewing of our videos and enjoyment of your membership experience. Cable Modem will handle these requirements easily, but slower DSL connections may experience buffering with small interruptions while the video plays.

Why can't I download the videos onto my computer?

Flash (FLV) videos are only encoded for streaming on the website. As a result, members must watch the films while logged onto the members area.


Important Notice Regarding Usage Terms

All content Copyright Goddess World Productions, Inc 2005-2017. All rights reserved.

Password Sharing

We monitor regularly for any signs of multiple users/sharing of passwords. Any deliberate abuses will result in account termination.


File Sharing

When you became a member of our site/s you agreed not to give out / share our copyrighted movies with anyone or any websites, and any members found doing this will face a life ban from this site and risk being prosecuted to the full extent of the law and/or sued for our loss of earnings and/or risk termination of your internet service by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). We will also take action against websites /messageboards/groups who show our movies without our written permission.

More importantly however, theft of this nature will possibly lead to the implementation of Digital Rights Management (DRM) - meaning members can only watch movies with a license issued by the site.

If you find EthnicKink.com videos appearing anywhere on the web, other than here, please contact us with the details. (This excludes any advertising trailers.) You have paid for the right to access these videos, please do not allow others to steal them. Please report stolen videos to us ASAP.