Kinky News and Views Radio Show Hosted by Sonya C

Kinky News and Views Radio Show

News and Views is an Adult radio show hosted by Sonya C (aka Goddess Sonya) and aired on NY Talk Radio (Beso Entertainment).

Kinky News and Views covers Adult news stories and explores Kink, Fetish and BDSM topics through articles, websites and lively discussion. Co-host Mister O brings his Vanilla perspective to their discussions (that sometimes turn into heated disagreements!).

The goal of Kinky News and Views is to educate and entertain listeners with facts, personal experience stories and special on-air guests who share their opinions, experiences and expertise.


Client Confidentiality?
Sonya, O and Engineer Leigh talk about the Michael Phelps story of his encounter with a dominatrix – told to the newspaper by the dominatrix herself. Should clients have a reasonable expectation of confidentiality for their deepest secret desires? Are celebrities fair game for fame seeking, ambitious sex workers? Listen in!
Religious & Kinky
Can you be religious and be kinky at the same time?  Sonya, a Christian says ‘absolutely’, while Mister O who is Catholic is dubious. Leigh, who is Jewish weighs in on the discussion as well with a more centrist view. Sonya references Reverend Beverly Dale (Rev Bev) to make her case that whatever your religion you can in fact be kinky without compromising your religious belief. Tune in and have faith!
Talking TransGender with TS Adult Star Mia Isabella
The Beautiful and accomplished TS Adult Star Mia Isabella joins Sony and O in the studio to discuss being a famous TS Performer, Producer, and Artist in a class all her own. She talks about her upbringing surrounded by love and support from family, how porn found her, and about being TS in a boy/girl business.
Performance Issues
Sonya talks about erection issues and how to handle them. O of course disagrees with her assessment on the why’s (i.e., cheating is not an erection issue because the other woman is getting it). Tune in for a lively, informative episode.
Sex In The Cinema
No one makes sexier movies than Hollywood. Mister O, Sonya and Leigh talk about the top grossing sexy movies of all time. Sonya and O disagree on how this relates to the Adult world but it’s an interesting discussion. They also talk about Rex Ryan; his wife’s feet strike again.
Swinging By A Star - Alexis Golden
It seems life really does imitate art. Porn Star Alexis Golden talks about the Swinging Lifestyle, how she became a Porn Star and her lifestyle Do’s and Don’ts. When Sonya asks her about black women, Alexis seizes on the opportunity to recruit her. Not to be missed!
Navigating A Sugar Relationship
Sonya and O talk to 61 year old Sugar Daddy and his 21 year old Sugar Baby. They candidly reveal how they found each other and what it’s like to navigate a sugar arrangement from their individual perspectives. It might be simpler than you think to get your Sugar on…
Summer News, Summer Views
In this potpourri episode, Sonya and O cover the latest adult news stories, updates. The condom law is dying a slow death; the AHF singles out a producer; vampires sell sex; Anthony Weiner’s sexting anniversary.
Sugar Daddies/Sugar Babies
As more and more women are turning to Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby arrangements, Sonya talks about why this lifestyle is so popular. Mister O went undercover as a Sugar Daddy and dishes the dirt on what really happens at these Sugar Arrangement mixers.
Sex on TV
Sonya compares notes on their favorite TV shows centered on sex. Sonya also laments why those into Fetish are often portrayed negatively on television while O muses over scenes from his favorite shows.
Why AB 1576?
California is on the verge of passing legislation that would make condom use on porn shoot sets mandatory as well as other safety measures aimed at protecting performers. Sonya and O tackle why, and differ on performer protection.
Politics & Sex
Sonya and Mister O discuss the politics of sex and the indignities those in the Adult Entertainment industry face. From Cease & Desist notices to Internet and Financial Censorship, they break down what it really means in layman’s terms with their unapologetic opinions.
Obscenity, Morality, Etcetera
In this free-wheeling episode, Sonya and O tackle several topics including California’s looming condom law, Florida’s push for stronger child pornography laws and what acts actually cross the line. They even discuss Donald Sterling’s right to his opinion.
The Healing Power of Sex Therapy
Special guest FireWoman Sexual Surrogate Partner Stephanie Wadell, M.A. talks to Sonya and O about what Sexual Surrogate Partner Therapy is (hint, it’s not like what you saw in “The Sessions”). She also talks candidly about her life as a Therapist and spokesperson for this field, and  about teaching men and women how to feel comfortable in their own skin. Listen in and learn something.
Kelly Shibari – America’s BBW Sweetheart
Sonya catches up with BBW adult sensation Kelly Shibari. Listen as Sonya and O get the lowdown from Kelly on what projects she’s currently working on for BBW betterment and what new accolades this beauty has recently racked up.
Age (Play) is Just a Number
What is Age Play? That’s what Sonya and company explore through the words of the people who actually love and live it. Tune in as she and O peek into the world of adult babies, big-little play and other aspects of this growing fetish community.
Picture of a Fetish Doll
Sonya and Mister O interview the beautiful and accomplished Fetish Performer Kayla-Jane Dangerdoll of She acts, she dances, she writes and she even races cars. Find out how the award winner finds the energy to wear so many hats!
When Kinky Dating Goes Wrong
Sonya and O follow up with Ms. M and Rex about the events that led up to the demise of their blind date (Spoiler alert – the date never happened). Find out why.
Frank Talk About Feet
Sonya’s in-studio guest “Frank the foot guy” provides his unabashed view on his love of women’s feet and what makes foot fetish good and bad for him. Sonya also has Frank analyze her own feet to see if they measure up to his strict standards. (Here’s a hint: just barely.)
Kinky People Need Love Too!
How do you find that special someone when you’re kinky? Let Kinky News & Views help you! Sonya and O play cupid to a sweet-as-pie country girl and set her up on a blind date with one of two eligible bachelors. Will they make a kinky love connection?
Tune in and laugh out loud!
What Makes Forced Bi, Forced Bi?
Sonya is at odds with Leslie and O about what defines Forced Bi. When is Forced Bi actual BDSM and when is it plain old Bisexual (or Gay)? Tune in for the debate!
Hanky Spanky
Sonya and O talk to special guest  Spankophile, Radio Show Host and Video Producer  Kelly Payne about her love of Spanking, its origins and her fantasies. Get your paddles out (or your bottoms up) for real talk about a very popular fetish.
Thank You Ma’am, May I Have Another?
Drop your knickers and grab your ankles as Sonya, O and guest host Aye Provide weigh in on consensual Corporal Punishment, its psychology and related implements.
Show-er Me With Your…
Aye Provide joins Sonya and O  this week to discuss their experiences with Showers  (Golden, Brown, Ruby and Roman). Get ready, here it comes!
Cuckoldry – Continued
Sonya, Leslie and O continue the discussion on Cuckoldry. They interview an aspiring Cuckold about the fetish lifestyle and his desire to find a Hot wife.
Sonya and company interview R. Milton Quibner, author of “How High Should I Jump” to discuss the history and psychology  of Cuckoldry including how men can adjust to today’s woman.
Female Submission 101
Sonya interviews prolific Fetish and Bondage Model  Aye Provide about being a Female Submissive. Listen in as she  discusses her journey to Submission and sheds light on how a Female Submissive can fulfill her desires safely.
Squirt Gets In Your Eye
Join Sonya, Leslie and Mister O as they tackle the slippery subject of Female Ejaculation (Squirting). Swimming goggles are a plus.
The Sweet Smell Of…?
Join the fun with Sonya, Mister O, and Leslie, as they explore Olfactory fetish (Olfactophilia). Don’t hold your nose!

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