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Apr 30, 2007 by Goddess Sonya

I decided not to add my latest video "Dancing & Cleaning Slaves" to my store yet ... I'm waiting a while before I do it. I like to watch my videos and I haven't had the chance to watch it yet. I think it's good policy to see your final product before putting it on the market. I did however finally get to see "Inhuman Interrogation" and I have to admit I was extremely pleased and entertained by the pace of this video in terms of corporal interrogation humiliation and humor...I'd venture to say it's one of my better films! Check it out yourselves and let me know what you think of it. After I watch "Dancing & Cleaning" I'll add it to the store and let you all know what I thougt of it. GS
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Apr 28, 2007 by Goddess Sonya

I've been entertaining myself this weekend training my brand new domestic servant. That's right, the position has been filled, although on a trial basis....

Big thanks to all who applied correctly and incorrectly. I hope this works out and that I can finally concentrate on more important things like working on making this website better, shooting video and having a life outside of cleaning and errands!



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Apr 26, 2007 by Goddess Sonya

Just been informed by clips4sale that golden shower/golden nectar is not allowed on their site...
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Apr 25, 2007 by Goddess Sonya

It was such a beautiful week so farI decided to walk around... and shop.
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Apr 23, 2007 by Goddess Sonya

Had a wonderful time at the Grand Audience Interview Saturday! I was introduced to new fun and interesting people and got to reconnect with faces I see infrequently or hadn't seen in years.
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Apr 20, 2007 by Goddess Sonya

What a night! Nothing but sessions, sessions, sessions and I still have stuff to do!
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Apr 18, 2007 by Goddess Sonya

It's been a hectic week for me, but I'm back to give you some good news. I am adding an additional clip update to my store each week and am working feverishly on fresh new content for the pending members section ...
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Apr 11, 2007 by Goddess Sonya

It is with deep regret that I had to cancel my trip to Germany at this 11th hour...
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Apr 5, 2007 by Goddess Sonya

Breathing a sigh of relief that I finally took care of my taxes ...what about you? Now that I'm not as preoccupied I had a brainstorm ... I've decided that on top of my weekly Clips updates, I will throw in an occassional mid-week update of some stuff I shot last summer and fall. Now that I've gotten a better camera crew and have scouted better locations out, I can get to the business of shooting some new and improved stuff for the website. But, I'd hate for the stuff I did shoot to go to waste sitting in my desk draw, so I'm going to put them on the clips store as unscheduled updates. Stay tuned! GS
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Apr 3, 2007 by Goddess Sonya

I've just recuperated from day one of shooting "B-Girls Basement". It was cold and dusty, but I had so much fun!

We shot most of the scenes with the big finale scene saved for next week's shoot. One of the scenes involves me falling asleep right ontothe floor. Everyone insisted the crew put something on the floor for me to fall onto (awww! they were concerned for my precious semi-nude skin!), but I toughed it out and fell right onto that dirty basement floor - it wouldn't have looked realistic otherwise. I'm no actress, but I was certainly a trooper!

I can't wait to see the final results...


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