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Boy Toys & Playthings

Sep 30, 2007 by Goddess Sonya

Life is good... had another excellent shoot with c yesterday. Earlier in the week I had a shoot with p and got to use his virgin ass for my purposes. Too much fun for me although he wasn't as cooperative as he'd agreed to be, which pissed me off. As for c, we did a hot scene with my sucky bed and as usual he was super obedient and ready to go for me. I tell you, I can't wait for you all to see the results of all the fun that I'm havng in my lair with my little boy toys. Also anxious for you to see what I do with my girl playthings... GS
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Girl/girl Shoot

Sep 20, 2007 by Goddess Sonya

Had an awesome shoot with cute little lexy. We had good clean Girl/girl fun, but I should have really put her mouth to better use than I did. I went easy on her this time (don't want to scare her off), but next time she won't be so lucky.

I did make good use of her snatch as you'll see in coming weeks. Man,did she make noise when I forced her to come! I don't mind it though, as I enjoy a vocal partner. It turns me onto know that the bottom is enjoying what I'm doing to her/him enough to let go of their self-consciousness. Despite my cool demeanor, I'm actually pretty vocal myself in bed and I find it the best way to pay your partner a compliment. Anyway, I enjoyed making her squirm.

Can't wait to use her again!


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A Hot Scene with a Hot slave

Sep 13, 2007 by Goddess Sonya

Had my first shootin my new place last night with slave c ... as always a consumate pet. He took everything I dished out and we had such a good time we didn't even realize how much time passed.

I won't get into specifics, just that all the scenes are hot, hot, hot.I made him worship my feet, I trampled him andthen I slapped his cock silly!I really enjoy the chemistry we have and I think you will too when you see what we did. Stay tuned for those updates coming shortly...

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Exciting Events and Great Fetish Sales

Sep 7, 2007 by Goddess Sonya

Since the last entry, I've had nice model turnout and finally got the ball rolling to finish up the members area. I even acquired a loft for filming that I'm working on! I'm going to move all my content from my Clips store to my members area so that members have access to my full 5+ hours worth of inventory. This will of course be in addition to all the new exciting content I'll be shooting for the site. I'm a bit under the weather right now, but I'll keep you posted on developments, shoots and exciting events.

Speaking of exciting events, I was able to rack up on some great finds from The Noose of Chelsea. They have closed their doors forever, so I was lucky to find out about their serious 50 to 80% markdowns in time and get busy two days in a row... To those of you who missed it, you really missed out!

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Model Call for GoddessSonya.com

Aug 21, 2007 by Goddess Sonya

Okay, okay, so I'm falling behind in my plot for world domination. My models are flaking out, my schedule's been compromised with family stuff, so I have to start from scratch. The bottom lne: I need models! If you'd like to shoot with me and you're over 21, please contact me at casting@goddesssonya.com.
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Travelling Wear & Tear

Aug 6, 2007 by Goddess Sonya

All this travelling is starting to wear on me. Just came back from Florida, and whileI wasn't available for appointments, it still takes alot out of you to be on the go and away from home so often. I'm glad I decided to curtail my future trips. I need to stay my behind right here in NY to complete working on my pending members section.

As usual, it's two steps forward and one step back, so I'll also need to cut short my social calendar to make this happen. I have alot of people who want to see me, but at the end of the day, I'm the only one responsible for getting this show on the road. More details whenI have more to tell.


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Mistresses on the Town

Jul 25, 2007 by Goddess Sonya

Just returned from a wonderful week with my good friend Goddess Denetra. We shopped, we dined, we drank fine wine (compliments of a Canadian admirer of hers) and more importantly, we simply relaxed!

Now I'm back in the saddle bringing new original content to my clips store for your viewing pleasure. Still plugging away at the members section by the way, but with my schedule being as hectic as it is, it's taking a little longer than I anticipated.

Well, in the meantime, I hope you 'll enjoy the new stuff in my store.


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Updates & Surprising Revelations

Jul 15, 2007 by Goddess Sonya

Yes, I know, it's been a while. But I've been a busy bee personally. Also, the heatwave of last week took a toll on me and I decided it best to take a breather and head for the beach and other vacation like activities. After much thought, I have decided it's best if I don't go to Canada this year. I'm getting burned out on traveling and it's delaying the production of my members section. I'll resume international travel when I'm done with this project. Besides, I've been informed that the "ladies" of Avalon have enlisted a number of German houses to set me up for arrest and deportment if I come to Germany to take appointments. The only exception to this is my travel to OWK. Well, I think I've said enough here, so I think I'm going to stop, enjoy my breakfast and begin packing for my trip. GS
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Change of Program This Week

Jun 29, 2007 by Goddess Sonya

Finalized my plans for Indianapolis, now I'm just gonna kick back and enjoy this very long weekend.

For next week there will be a change in the regularly scheduled program... a new clip will be available on Friday instead of Wednesday due to the Holiday.

Well, that's all I have to say for now, so enjoy your weekend and I'll talk to you after Independence Day!

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Things Are Happening!

Jun 26, 2007 by Goddess Sonya

It's all falling into place finally. Found a place to film, got some talent ...I'm just about ready to do this as soon as I find a makeup artist and fulfill one more set of travel plans. I'm so excited!

I'll be filming at a location in Manhattan, credit will be given at the end of the film to the location. And, I'll also be taking appointments there! My rates have gone up because of the increased rent, but I think it's worth it on both counts. I always say that this is a luxury service, and like any other luxury, if you can't afford it you shouldn't indulge. But I digress...

If all goes as planned, I anticipate launching the members section of the site by November. So keep your fingers crossed and look out for the day my "Join" button stops promising the section coming soon.

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