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Wilting Goddess, With Good News and Good Advice..

Jul 18, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

Just when I thought it couldn't get any hotter! I was thinking about heading to the beach this morning, but I have lots to do before I can run off and dig my heels into the sand. Heavy is the head that wears the crown ... I had lunch yesterday with my friend Mistress Didi. I'm happy to announce that she'll be appearing with me in future updates on my site. Her only condition was that anything she does, her mother has to be able to watch it. So look for her in scenes involving inanimate object/human furniture to start. Wouldn't it be great to watch two lovely Goddesses enjoying coffee as we dig our heels and/or bare feet into a human rug? Or what about sitting our beautiful bottoms on a human stool? Any volunteers for future films should contact me at my email address. I am not looking for domestic servants, only film slaves, so please save your strength if you aren't wiling or able to serve me in the latter capacity. I'm out of here. I'm going to find a quitting spot shortly and then find other ways to spend the day besides sitting in front of my computer. You should do the same!! After all, you only live this life once! GS
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Weekend Review

Jul 13, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

Had a good past week. I had a girl/girl shoot with two cute girls from Miami, one of them being a repeat. It was a long day but we had fun and shot all kinds of tickling and forced orgasm scenarios. Most of it will be showing up on my upcoming site BoundnTeased.com.
I got to catch up with some scene friends  like Mistress Denetra who's a dear friend and confidante, and  Mistress Didi, whom I've enlisted to shoot some films with me in the near future. We still have some details to work out, but she's such a class act I'm happy to have her on board as my sometime co-conspirator!

Speaking of conspiracy, I thought for a while there was some kind of celestial plot to keep me from watching the movie I'd been dying to see wince it first came out in early June. Well, with most Brooklyn theatres cutting shows down to once a day I was finally able to see my favorite movie from a TV show! Despite the over the top-ness of it all, I loved it!It was well worth the wait.

I was supposed to do a shoot this morning but the photographer had to reschedule due to personal schedule conflict. Not bad, because it gives me time to get my props together and to gather ideas to bring to the shoot.
Everything always works out in the end for me which is why life is so good! I hope you guys had a good week as well.


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Post-Weekend News

Jul 7, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

I'm happy to report that once my catsuit came, I tried it on immediately and it fit well. Marquis was absolutely darling about making me a new suit quickly and sending it out to me  in a timely fashion. I am very happy with the way they handled this and happy that I now have a suit that is not a lost cause. They even adjusted the opacity for me! Cheers to Marquis on their professionalism! I can't wait to wear it soon.

My weekend was pretty quiet. I went to a Barbecue Friday night, but it was much too late for me to eat anything, so I enjoyed fresh juices and took a plate home instead.

I'm working on making changes to my website for the fall so my time has been consumed with this as well as booking shoots for future features. Keep your eyes peeled as I update my pages and the members area. Members can of course go inside to find out more about what types of changes will take place.

I'm kind of wiped after a long hot day of administrative stuff like sorting  out photos from recent shoots. Speaking of which, the photos for the stocking tease shoot will be available in a few days, but the actual film won't be available as yet.  I hope you'll enjoy them.

Be good and stay cool...
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Goddess Sonya Chit-Chats

Jul 3, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

Since I'm sitting here waiting for the mailman to arrive with my new catsuit let me take a quick minute to tell you a little about my shoot yesterday.

 Things got off to a late start. Slave b left his phone home and got lost in the building so I thought he was late, and he thought I was late because each time he called me from a payphone, I was calling his phone looking for him. It was really all quite comical. Thankfully he had the cameraman's number in his car and I was finally able to get started.

I did a spanking/paddling scene with him that was a bit challenging for him in that he almost passed out a few times. So we had to take frequent breaks to give him time to recuperate. Now, I know I'm not a big strong girl with big strong hands, but since this isn't the first time this happened (certainly not the first person), I'm left wondering if I know my own strength. Overall, I was happy with the shoot and I'm already planning to have him back when he feels stronger.

After he left, I shot a POV video with a stocking and foot theme. I'm going to post some of the photos to whet your appetites, but the actual video won't be available for some weeks. However, you'll see a snippet of it in my next newsletter.

Alright! My doorbell just rang so I gotta split! Catch you next time...


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My Work Free Weekend

Jun 30, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

I've  been bitten by the vacation bug so I decided to forego work this weekend and opted for some R&R. On Friday I went to the movies to see that new assassin flick starring the scottish actor and the pregnant celebrity. I rather enjoyed the stunts and the training sequences. The twist at the end was so-so.

Saturday I went shopping with my sister and had dinner with a good friend of mine to talk business, but mostly to catch up on things. It was nice not to have to get dolled up only to schlep to my studio and shoot. Not that that's not always fun, but it gets monotonous, particularly when the weather out is so beautiful.

Yesterday I went to the beach to work on my tan (that's correct, black people do get tans!) and to splash around in the ocean a bit. Unfortunately, the weather inland was peppered with thunderstorms, so the lifeguards shooed us all out of the water and off the beach, so my playtime was cut short. Still I'm thankful that I got to go at all. Usually I'm so tired after shooting on Saturday night that I don't want to do anything on Sunday but sleep and maybe drag myself out of bed for brunch.

All in all, I feel really energized and am ready to get back to work on my existing projects and shoots to bring you members some new and exciting footage.

I'll let you know how my shoots this week go!


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A Quick Note on Me

Jun 25, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

I don't have a whole hell of a alot to talk about right now, but I will say two things:

1. I finally remember the name of the snack I had when I went to Berlin - KaiserSchmarm!! I have to find a recipe for that dish, it was just so damn delicious with the plum compote and cream sauce. I was also in love with the frankfurter; it's something I don't eat in the US, so to have a delicious, nitrate-free dog was quite a treat!

2. Coming soon, I will be updating my website to make the video windows bigger for better veiwing pleasure going forward. I'm on the fence about whether to make the photos bigger, so some input will help here from members.

Okay, that was more like four things, but so what? Isn't better to hear more from me than nothing at all?


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Getting Back to Normal Chaos

Jun 18, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

I'm starting to wake up at a more reasonable hour now and I'm not wiped out by 9pm. I've even gotten back into the groove of shooting while balancing it with some relaxation. My home is clean, I'm excercising regularly again, things are getting back to normal.

That's not to say I don't have crazy demands on my time anymore. That's also not saying I'm any less behind in my editing. But this is the kind of chaos I can deal with, that I can control.

I had an awesome shoot Monday with a new guy. I don't think he's submissive or even a fetishist, but  he definitely loved getting fucked and sucking on my girl cock. I had on a catsuit and was sweating my ass off pumping away inside of him, but it was all worth it to get this hot cock-slut on film for your viewing pleasure. Not at all the primadonna the other guy was when I plowed his ass.

I also had a terrific shoot on Saturday with a girl you'll be seeing alot more of. I hope you'll enjoy watching her dominate some of my playthings under my tutelage in the near future, but for now, I had a fun time cuffing her to my new cross and forcing her to come over and over again for me. Great stuff!

I'm planning a photoshoot to get some sexy new glamour shots for the site. And since the weather is warm again, it's high time for me to put on my unmentionables and make love to the camera, don't you agree?

Well, that's all I have for now flks. I have a couple of cats that need my attention right now and I intend to spend the rest of my evening relaxing with them.

Enjoy your evening too!

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Another Busy Day

Jun 13, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

Is there ever any rest for the weary?

I have not had a moment since I got back from abroad. I was hoping today would finally be the day but I have to run out the door yet again. I'm tired and I'm still waking up at 5am (not necessarily a bad thing since I get alot more into a day now). To top it off I have a neck strain so I'm not in a very good mood right now.

Alright, gotta run and make things happen ...afterall, if I don't do them, who will? No one's going to take care of your business for you like you.

... I guess this is what Europeans call "luxury problems."

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I'm Back!!

Jun 10, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

Just returned from Germany and I am in love with the city of Frankfurt. I love the mix of old and new there and I was so glad not to be the only black face in the streets. Getting around is very easy and the streets are not too crowded. I also got to visit Cologne and Berlin while there and these are also nice cities.

I was happy to be able to return my catsuit to have a new one made in and ready in a couple of weeks. I still won't say a name until I get the suit back and try it on, but at least it's a good start.

I was also happy to meet with Carmen Rivera. We had a traditional  pastry snack (I forgot the name) and then we went to her studio. I was really impressed with how personable she was and hope she'll stay in touch.

The weather while I was there was nice and warm so I was able to get out, see the city and do a little shopping; nothing special, just Beate Uhse and Dr. Meuller's. On the rainy days I shot movies for the website. I can't wait for you to see how red I made this guy's ass with the cane.
I'll have more to tell you about this trip and my future (if any) plans to return to Germany, the status of my catsuit and any projects on the horizon.



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Goddess Sonya Packs Her Bags, etc...

May 27, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

Saturday, I had a two girl shoot. But despite a number of things going right, a couple of things that bookended the experience caused us to end the shoot earlier than planned. Without getting into details, suffice it to say I will never use that agent again.

Other than that, is was a fun shoot. The Asian girl had never had an orgasm by a vibrator before and she kept thinking she was peeing herself. It was just too cute! I can't wait for you to see the results.

I'm going to be scarce these next couple of days as I prepare to wrap things up for my trip abroad. I love NYC, but any excuse to get out of town these days works for me. Sometimes I need to be torn away from my desk for a week or two to decompress.

I'll see if I can use my laptop there to keep in touch, but if not, I'll talk to you all when I return to the USA.


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