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Goddess Sonya's Late Night Foot Scene

Sep 15, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

I was pretty tired this past week, maybe PMS or something. In any event, I was pretty wiped out by the time Saturday rolled around I was so glad that this weekend's shoot was a foot worship scene. Slave A was a wizard at foot massage and foot worship and knew his way around a bottle of nail polish!

Thank goodness for you jelly bean boys out there. I would have fallen asleep if the camera wasn't rolling! I decided to reward him with a nice little foot job that sent him into orgasm almost immediately. Afterwords, I felt so energized and ready to dance the night away, but instead, I went home and enjoyed a wonderful deep sleep.

When you guys see this scene you'll understand what I'm talking about... I can't wait to have him back again to worship mine and another lady's feet!


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Paying My Respects on 9/11

Sep 11, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

I think it's a good idea for us all to stop and acknowledge Patriot Day - those who lost loved ones and those who were lost in the tragedy.
I'm gonna express my moment of silence by shutting down my computer this morning and not having any communications with anyone. I hope you'll all find your own ways to commemorate the day.


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A Busy But Nice Week

Sep 8, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

After all I've been through it was nice to distract myself with important things like launching another website and shopping!

It's finally done! Still kicking the tires and tweaking it a bit, but Bound 'n' Teased is online!! Pending  Visa approval, it will be live for membership in just a few short days... If that isn't exciting news, well I don't know what is.

Last week, my boy from the UK was here for his annual vacation. We shopped, we dined and we played at my studio. Then he took pictures of me in the boots we got as a souvenir. He leaves today and I miss him already!

Saturday I had a shoot with a new boy and although we got off to a rough start, we ended up getting a pretty sexy foot job scene that you foot lovers will thoroughly enjoy! I plan to make more of these types of videos so I hope members will give me feedback on it; it's something a little different from what I usually do, but change is always good.

Okay, gotta run now and take care of other things on my plate. Enjoy the sunshine and to those of you who live near the Hurricane regions, please be careful.


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Round Two of Cyberbully Henning

Sep 2, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

I managed to successfully block his IP address from my site and notified my hosting company of the threat. Since his subsequent text message telling me to remove the previous post (he's been using his company's internet to view my website), he has called me non-stop this entire weekend including today. I just screen my phone calls.

This morning, I turn on my phone and get a new text message from Henning. I'm just going to save every message and turn it over to the District Attorney's office so they can turn it over to the Feds. Threatening to pull someone's website is a Federal crime and he made the threat in writing, so I have proof of his criminal intent.

Now he claims to have put up a website, probably slandering me, which is also a crime. Once I find it, I'll print that and hand it over as well.

I will keep you posted on how it all turns out, but if anyone comes across a webpage or website slandering or insulting me please write to me on my contact page with the url.


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Exposing a CyberBully to the World Wide Web

Aug 30, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

This morning I turned on my phone and was greeted by a series of text messages from Henning Jacobsen from Germany (he's actually Danish but lives in Germany) who threatened me with shutting down my website if I expose his behavior. I'd like to see him try it. And I'd like the world to witness his ridiculous behavior first hand.

I have made it very clear to Henning not to contact me but he persists. He emails me, calls me and sends me text messages constantly, becoming more and more antagonistic as time goes on. This has been going on since I returned from Germany in June and I have stayed quiet about it, thinking he would get tired and move on. But it seems he has made it his mission to contact me with nasty, insulting emails under such fake addresses as




I will no longer stay quiet while Henning harrasses me and especially while he threatens me. I have taken such steps as blocking his email addresses and blocking his IP from my website, but he still won't leave me alone. He has an IT background and apparently friends willing to assist him in his behavior.

I should point out that I have done nothing to this man to encourage this behavior.

It all started when I went to visit him in Germany. We didn't get along very well and on the final night he tried to throw me out because I expressed my opinion about his behavior. When I refused to leave he threatened to call the police on me. This was all completely unjustified and he apologized the next morning for it but why would I want to remain friends with him after that?

Things got out of hand when he planned to visit the USA and I tactfully told him I would not be available to see him. He became angry and demanding in his correspondence, then he accused me of theft in his home (this "theft" occured when we were both in Berlin for the day). That's when I told him not to contact me anymore. What followed were accusations, digging through my personal records, veiled threats of revenge and finally more apologies when his investigations proved what he knew all along - that I was innocent.

I went about with my life ignoring his repeated attempts to contact me and to join my maillist with fake email addresses when I discovered that he joined my website. I immediately removed the disparaging messages he attempted to post, removed his membership and issued him a refund. That's when he issued his threat to sue me if I didn't reinstate his membership within two days. Well, it's been four days and that's all I'll say about that.

Now, aside from threatening to shut down my website if I don't stay quiet about his behavior, he has promised to dispatch friends to OWK's 2009 Celebrations to slander me to patrons.

A real prince, that Henning.

So, we will see in the next few hours to few days what happens. If my website is successfully taken down it's likely because Henning Jacobsen used the 12 years of  IT experience he boasted about in his text message to harm my business. Everything I have stated in this post is verifiable and I would strongly advise other ladies to stay clear of this man. I could say so much more about things he's done and said but I think you all get the point of this post.


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Summer Winding Down

Aug 24, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

As I sit here editing footage on this beautiful Sunday morning, I can hear all the festivity ramping up around me for Brooklyn's West Indian Labor Day Parade. In a few days, Caribbeans from all around the country and Canada will descend upon Brooklyn for the festivities and after that's done, Summer will just about be over. Not a happy thought because I love warm weather.

I don't dislike the Fall season,but  it is a reminder that Winter's bitter cold is right around the corner. I try not to think about it and enjoy the weather while it lasts but I can't help being reminded by all the activity around me.

Well, the one good thing about the season change is the great new content to look forward to with more new boys and girls getting used and sometimes abused by yours truly! Plus, I'll be putting out more solo videos of myself in my favorite genres for my wonderful members.

I think I'm gonna immerse myself in my favorite activities to keep my mind off of the change in seasons: shoot, edit and shop. Then I'll proably head south for the greater part of the winter. I find getting out of town is always good for what ails me.


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A Comment to Commentors

Aug 16, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

I recently deleted a comment that I found to be out of line and, quite frankly, disrespectful.
However, it did get me to thinking that perhaps other, more respectful members might be wondering the same thing: "Will Goddess Sonya ever show some skin?"

To answer that question, let me first comment that there is room for all kinds of BDSM entertainment on the web. Secondly, I don't promote my site as a T&A site; I don't mislead anyone with overly sexy trailers to encourage membership. What you see is what you get. Besides, I have several fully nude submissive females on display in the members area, so the site isn't exactly devoid of T&A.

As the site progresses, there will of course be updates that include racier scenes as you'll see in my newsletters, but don't expect a huge departure from what's  already on the site.

So, the answer to the collective question on some minds is yes, I will show some skin. But it will, as always, be on my time and at my discretion.

Isn't that what being a dominatrix is all about? What's the point otherwise...

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Wet Weekend - In more than one way!

Aug 12, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

I had a terrific weekend! It rained off and on and it appears summer is leaving us which ordinarily makes me a little sad. However, I had so many other things to keep my mind occupied - like this weekends shoot - that I hardly gave it a thought.

I had a new young lady in that was so wide-eyed with fascination over what I do, I suspect she was ripe for the picking. A newbie to all things fetish, she had a million questions and couldn't wait to tell her friends about the experience.

Anyway, we did some tickling of her underarms body and feet before we moved on to the forced orgasm part of the program. And man! She was a bona fide squirter!! I don't want to give too much detail, but let's just say she had several spasms and squirted multiple times in two different positions. At one point, she even squirted on my shoes! What a riot!

Look out for Joi in the coming fall or winter line-up ... squirting fans won't want to miss that whole puddle of mess!


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Late Night Thoughts

Aug 5, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

It's midnight and I'm sitting in front of my computer trying to figure out a way to cut back on how much time I spend on the computer. I know, it's a fruitless thought particularly since what I do requires computer time. Still, there has got to be a way.

 Anyway, while I was thinking, it occurs to me to warn members that during the upgrade process, there will probably be some funky things going  on in the members section while I try to upgrade as many of the past updates as possible to the larger format. Bear with me.

I know you want this done as much as I want it done, and in order for this to work I'll need you all to work with me and not write me a million emails asking me what's going on.

There ...I finished my thought. Now I'm going to shut down my computer and go to bed.

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Pending Changes to Website

Jul 29, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

Just to make everyone aware. I'm currently working to upgrade the site to a bigger window format. This will of course take some time as I'm also working on launching Bound'n'Teased, but look for these changes to be coming for the early fall. I don't want to give a date as yet, but as I get closer to being finished I'll have a better idea of a projected date.

Hang tight in the meantime and be patient as I phase out videos (where possible) and replace them with bigger versions for your veiwing pleasure. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming video newsletter showing you what's to come in the future on GoddessSonya.com


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