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Nov 21, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

I'm about to run out of here to get my nails done but first a quick word.

I've been shooting lots of girls lately. This time, another pint-sized dynamo who was flexible enough to lick her own feet. I hope tomorrow's girls is as flexible!

I'm shooting all of my content now so that I can take some time off when it gets unbearably cold and hide out in Florida for a while. I haven't been there in so long I think I forgot how much I love being there.

Now, all I need now is some variety in the fellas. I keep getting the same kind of guys for the same kind of shoots and frankly, I'm getting bored! I want some hardcore guys who are willing to be humiliated by me on film. I want guys into ball kicking, trampling, face spitting and slapping, as well as moderate corporal punishment. I want guys who enjoy a little degradation. If you're out there, contact me.

Oh - and this includes you foot guys!


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The Good The Bad and the Delayed

Nov 13, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

Well, Saturday ended up not happening due to an act of nature, so I'll reserve my comments one way or the other..Consider it postponed to  a later date.

On Tuesday however, I did have a great shoot with slut s. His boycunt was so tight I had to re stretch it for him so he could take my fucking machine. You won't want to miss the multiple orgasms that made him curl his toes. It'll be available in a couple of months!

Now, I'm kind of getting bored with fucking boys and  I need victims, for face slapping, spitting and cbt, including ball busting.

Kindly contact me to inquire about filming with me. I'm always looking for new faces...


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Holy Smoke! Now I Have News!

Nov 7, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

I'm going to stay away from the obvious. Im sure the entire world witnessed the historic event just like I did.  All I'll say is that tears rolled down my face the entire night I was so overwhelmed. Love it or hate it, a new dawn is upon us here in the USA and I look forward to what unfolds.

Okay, now back to me.

I'm working on a little project for the lastest website. I will be shooting something a little different from what I usually shoot and I'm both  nervous and excited with what I'll get. I don't want to say a whole lot and spoil the fun. I'll just let you know what develops from this little adventure. It could be a total disaster or it could be the beginning of a terrific series.

Wish me luck and I'll tell you more next week!

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Feeling Better But Nothing to Write Home About

Nov 3, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

Ok, so it took me more than a day to feel better, but here I am! I can breathe through both nostrils and my fever and sore throat are gone. It appears I had the latest virulent strain of influenza that is going around. It hit me so fast, I couldn't even react with my usual herbal remedies. And now all of my friends are getting it, so everyone in the North East, please be careful!

Anyway, since I last crawled into my bed abd pulled the covers over my head, nothing new and exciting has transpired. However, give me a day and maybe we'll make history here in the United States! (That's right - I'm an educated, middle-class liberal and I make no apologies for it!)

I expect to resume filming again this weekend so perhaps I'll have some fun and juicy tidbit to share with you next week if nothing noteworthy happens between now and then.

Be good.


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Under the Weather Goddess

Oct 28, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

Ugh! I feel awful...I have a sore throat stuffy nose and a fever. To make matters worse, it's rainig cats and dogs and there are talks of snow. So I can't even take a walk to clear my aching head. I think I'm going to crawl back into bed until this day is over.

Hopefully I'll feel better by tomorrow, but for now it's best to let these things take their course. I'll write about my adventures again when I'm feeling better...


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My interesting Weekend

Oct 20, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

Hey There!

I know it's been a some time but demands for my time have increased while the days keep getting shorter. At some point one has to unplug and take a moment to breathe...

Friday I had dinner with a friend I hadn't seen in a long time, then we watched old movies on TV. It was really nice to get away from my computer and relax with a friend and just hang out.

Saturday, I had a shoot with a boy and a girl - us girls teamed up and strapped on to fill both my sissy's holes. Everyone involved had fun, especially Sissy Gabriella who'd been dying to have this happen for several months now! My protege Mistress Monica couldn't stop about how excited she was to be dominating a sissy boi. And I of course, love it when we all have fun and make new stuff to bring to my members.

I finally got the changes made to the pages of the site. What do you think? I still have to finish up the members newsletter, haven't forgotten it but as I said before all things must be done in order. Now that this is done I can move on to video editing once again before I really fall behind!

Okay, I've gotta split. But I wanted to at least come up for a little air and let my adoring fans know that I'm still here and still chipping away...

Be good and take care,

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Making Progress ...

Oct 9, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

I'm chugging along slowly but surely...

And although all the new stuff going forward is larger format, I'm phasing out the current videos available for larger ones where applicable.

I also plan to freshen up the webpages shortly, but everything in due course. Things must be done in order of importance, afterall.

In between all of that, I have a million other things to do so I have to pace myself to get it all done properly, the way I like it done.

Hang in there members... I think you're gonna like what you see!

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Changes Underway for GoddessSonya.com

Oct 1, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

I'm in the process of phasing out the smaller videos for the larger format. Bear with me as I work on this as it could take a couple of weeks to get this done. In the meantime, I hope you're enjoying the larger formats of the videos changed so far. GS
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Sad News

Sep 21, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

I was so shocked today to learn that my friend Jazzmon Radford has passed away. Although we were estranged for reasons I can't even recall right now, I still considered her a friend and am sad to learn of this nonetheless.

What saddens me even more is that there is no mention anywhere of her passing; I learned of her death through my Pandemos newsletter. I didn't get to say goodbye, I didn't get to offer my condolences to her family. I guess it hits me harder since I recently visited my own brother's grave at the cemetery. Just like him, I'll never get the chance to reconcile with her over my principled stand. And in light of certain circumstances, I probably had very little, if any cause to be angry with

People, life is too short to hold anything against anyone. Please cherish the people in your life and never leave them without patching up differences. One never knows if there'll be a tomorrow to work things out.

RIP Jazzmon...


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Hurricane Ike Reverberates across Goddess Sonya's World

Sep 17, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

Unfortunately, my webguy has been affected by the hurricane, so there will be minor delays in upgrading the website to the bigger movie format. Bear with me a bit longer and join me in wishing my webguy a speedy return to normalcy. GS
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