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Posted on Apr 20, 2007 by Goddess Sonya

What a night! Nothing but sessions, sessions, sessions and I still have stuff to do! I'm meeting with a TS submissive today to discuss the possibiity of doing films for me and I'm still attending the Grande Audience Interview hosted by Mistress Didi tomorrow night. Oh, ...and I'm headed to Frankfurt this September.

I've been talking to "Terry" for a while about the possibilities of serving me, but with my hectic schedule, I never really had time to meet and talk to her. Now, since I've opted out of going to Berlin, I've been able to clear a whole lot of "To-do's"off of my plate. That includes meeting Terry and I can't wait to do so.

I'm also still looking for a domestic slave, so although I'm tired, I'm gonna drag my butt over to that function to morrow to see what develops. Hopefully I will finally get a worthy slave that actually knows how to clean, and is low-maintenance.

Spoke to Lady Isis of Frankfurt yesterday and she is happy to have me as a Guest Mistress at her studios this September ...haven't worked out the dates yet, but I am very enthusiastic about this trip. Also, but that time, I'll have more stuff off of my plate and will be able to concentrate on Travel outside the US, which as most of you know is tricky these days...
When I was returning from Prague last October, I was stripped of all my toiletries and I was pretty pissed about it, considering the length of the flight. Do it enough times a year and it's enough to make you want to stay home.

Anyway, so that's the scoop for this week ... I'll see you in a couple of days when the weekend is over and I'll tell you what's going down.

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