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What Ties Beneath

What Ties Beneath

Posted on Apr 16, 2010 by Bella Princess Jewel

I could see in his eyes, the excitement when he ordered his new silk rope. He had absorbed everything he learned in class and was anxious to perform every ounce on me. I think I was a little irritable and impatient because I remembered in class how exhausted my arms were when Sir practiced tying knots on me.

But Sir took care of me. He would tug on the ropes and make sure they were nice and snug without cutting off my circulation. He would rub on my hair because he knew how relaxed and sedated I would become when His hands caressed my scalp.

When my feet swelled from standing,or after being placed in awkward positions, Sir would elevate them and rub them down.

Finally, as he finished, I realized how quiet Sir was. He stared at me as if he knew what I was thinking. I thought that he wanted to torture and hurt me. But instead, he toyed with my head. He reminded me of who and what I was to him. His voice was soothing and hypnotizing. He had a way with words. He did not touch my body. He did not explore my vagina or fondle my tits. He pulled and tugged on the ropes a bit. But they did not unravel or loosen. I tried to press against the ropes to allow them to give, but they were firm and tight. Honestly, I felt completely helpless. I was vulnerable. If he wanted to take advantage of this, he could have. He could have been sinister, but the suspension was enough gratification.I did not know what He would do next. The discomfort and uneasiness at first caused me to squirm and moan. But then, I drifted. I drifted into another world. I was his. I was captivated by his ropes, his control and his love for me. I trusted and adored him so much. There was nothing that could give me such an overwhelming sense of submission and satisfaction.

After being suspended for a while, Sir asked if I was ready to eat. I did not realize that I was hungry. And truthfully, I did not have a desire to eat while being suspended. But he felt it was a good idea for us to wrap it up and put some food in my tummy.As he untied and unraveled the ropes, I said to him, "Thank you Master". He was thrown for a loop because before today, I had never called him Master. I allowed myself to surrender and to trust him completely. It was a stepping stone for me. Even still today, He is still my Master. And I completely, wholeheartedly trust him.

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