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Ways to excite your Dom this Spring and Summer

Ways to excite your Dom this Spring and Summer

Posted on Apr 7, 2010 by Bella Princess Jewel

So I am packing and I am on my way for a mini vacation and I remembered, "Yikes! I am going to be wearing a swimsuit. I have a monster hair ball in between my legs"! Sometimes, I forget it's there because I am abstinent. Hairy suits my crotch just fine.And I love it! But I have to shed my coat while I am wearing a bathing suit.I drifted off into my little headspace and Ithought, "Wouldn't it be great to step out of my swimsuit in front of my Dom and surprise Him with a special treat?" Well, I don't havea Dom now, so I will share these ideas with you. Here are my 5 ways to excite Him during the hot months.

Ways to excite your Dom this Spring and Summer

1.Try getting a bikini-wax design with his initials. There are professional spas and salons that canpersonalize your bikini wax or design. Tons of websites also offer tips and instructions on creating a design, if you rather try it at home.

2.Tan his initials on your crotch area. This is done by utilizing stencils. You cancontact a professional tanning spa or salon. But if you feel brave enough, try it at home.

3.Take belly dance lessons. Belly dancing is a great way to tone your abs. Plus it's such an exotic and sensual way of enticing your Dominant. Plan an evening to perform for your Dominant. Grab a gorgeous scarf and wear it alone.You can wrap it around your hips and go topless or simply keep it creative!

4.Wear his worn wife beater or t-shirt as a dress one night on the town with him. Go bra-less or abandon the panties. This will be sure to excite him!

5.Purchase a Pussy Suction Pump to plump the exterior of the vaginal area. The suction swells the entire area. It's quite an erotic site if you practice at it.The cleaner your shave,the hotter your pretty cunt looks.Surprise your Master at the door with a nice fullview of his new treat. Hopefully, he isn't holding anything in his hand that will break, while coming through the door!

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