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Valencia Rio

New York City

I am Valencia Rio, New York's "Latin KInkstress"; the forefront of  the new guard of American Dominas. I am mostly known for my sensuality, although I will  very sensually kick a slave's ass. However, I love to be cruel, I love to torture and tease and I love to give rewards to those slaves who deserve it. I live to crush their egos and break the will of my prey, mind-fuck them until they beg for mercy, then brainwash them by choking, spitting, several types of training, forced body worship, and finally, some hot CBT.... then he is BROKEN, therefore becoming just another one of my loyal, devoted slaves.

As a superior Latin Goddess with a piercing stare and fierce curves, I can make any man (including you) fall down to his knees. I exude sexuality and therefore can effortlessly make any man my proud and collared slave.
I am educated and very sharp. Many ask me the same question, "How did you get involved with this lifestyle at such an early age?" The answer is simple; I never planned it. I always did what I enjoyed doing, and controlling men happened to always make me happy.

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