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Underground for Some Spring Cleaning, etc.

Underground for Some Spring Cleaning, etc.

Posted on Apr 4, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

This week, I had horrible menstrual cramps so I didn't do much of anything. I must have taken a dozen mydol just to function! My colon therapist told me it's the blueberries I put in my smoothies, but I refuse to give up the anitoxidant protection they provide, so there it is. I think from now on though, I'm going to stagger my intake - two weeks on, two weeks off.

 I felt so guilty about just doing nothing those few days that the next day I woke up and cleaned my entire apartment from top to bottom. I was also upset about something going on in my camp, and when I'm upset, I clean. (I know, it's a stress reaction, but it finally got the job done, no slave needed!) After that I went to bed early, exhausted, but happy that I got my Spring Cleaning done

Today, I'm gonna print my spreadsheets and tackle my taxes. Then I'll be home free mentally to embark on more creative ventures like concocting ideas for films (the moderator of a yahoo group I participate in gave me a great idea) and researching vacation spots so I can take some much needed time off. I suppose I should head down to Florida (as I'm in sepserate need of a tan), but with all my social obligations, it won't really be a vacation...

We'll see. All I know is, guilt feelings aside, my mind feels much more free now that I took a few days for myself and my home to set things right. Now the trifecta will be when I complete these taxes!


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