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Tips on that all night marathon.

Tips on that all night marathon.

Posted on Feb 20, 2012 by Contributor

  Survivng an all night sex marathon might have been easy 10 years ago, but face it guys, delivering when it counts is a must when pleasing that special someone.

This month's newsletter from AskMen focused on just that.  Common sense answers like proper foods, rest before and try easy positions were offered, along with some to so common ideas such as "Don't Cum".

We did our own un scientific survey amoung our Mistress & Slave contributers and came up with...

1 ) Have plenty of lube handy.  Nothing ruins the mood faster than chafing at the wrong time.

2 ) Keep toys handy.  You might not be able to go all night, but our baterried friends just might go on ticking.

3 ) Avoid any controlled substances.  They always seem like a good idea before, but never afterwards.

4 ) Don't masturbate two to three days prior.  Must we tell you why ?

5 ) Have plenty of stimulating visuals nearby.  Taking a 5 minute break to show your loved one a particular hot scene might just be the fire that your "wood" needs to go a round two.  That said, tweeting, texting and social media during sex is usually a no no.

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