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This is SOOO Wrong! & Other Thoughts

This is SOOO Wrong! & Other Thoughts

Posted on Mar 2, 2009 by Goddess Sonya

I wish I could say good morning, but I'm annoyed that I looked out my window to see all this snow. I thought I had escaped the better part of Winter, but it looks as if I flew right back into it. Why didn't I stay one more week? Well, I'm glad at least that I don't have any appointments and that I did my grocery shopping before this stupid storm.

It seems strange to my friends the idea that I can't see myself living anywhere but NY, yet I flee to Florida when the weather gets cold. What's so strange about that? I hate cold weather. Period.  As a child I would cry because my mom made me go out and play in the snow (she thought all kids loved it, my brother certainly did). I hate seeing it, I hate feeling it, I hate walking in it, I even hate working in it. And given the opportunity to skip town, I'll do it every time my schedule permits. Afterall, it's one of the perks of being self-employed! If they can't understand that, they should appreciate the autonomy of my decisions.

On another note,  I was looking at my instant messages (as I often do before I clear them out) and one of them struck a nerve. It was a compliment, but part of it was that using the name 'Goddess' is a sign of arrogance. Why is that? 

I never thought of myself as arrogant, not even when I took the name. In fact, I practice a healthy dose of self-deprecation regularly. However, I do feel that as a beautiful, smart sexually evolved woman, I honor the Goddess in myself just as all women should. It's not like I'm calling myself the Almighty and it's not as though I expect to be regarded as a deity.  Still, it gnawed at me a bit that some people think I could be arrogant. Short of changing my name, I'm not sure there's much I can do about that perception that may put off some people.
 As Abraham Lincoln once said, "You can't please all the people all the time."

I am not arrogant, but I am not going to go out of my way to conform to make everybody comfortable.  Also, while I love New York, I'm not going to freeze my ass off here every winter.
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