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Thinking, Planning & Moving

Thinking, Planning & Moving

Posted on Jan 27, 2010 by Goddess Sonya

I have to be careful what I write. Slave C called me this morning, kicking himself about a past shoot that I posted didn't quite work out. I don't think I said anything too harsh, but some men are very sensitive about their performance.  I assured him that there was no problem with his performance and that was that.

Now, if he had done a bad enough job I would tell him, but only if he asked. It's pointless to give feedback to people who don't want it. Or, I'd simply just not have him back; I hate to waste time.

My computer was out of commision for a while but now I'm back up and have a lot of catching up to do. However, it may have to wait because thi weekend, I move into my new studio and say goodbye to my current (well, actually old)one. I have so many great memories and so many great shoots there it's hard to say anything bad. I'll just say it was time to move on to a bigger space. Next comes the task of decorating and I'm flirting with doing sessions again on a limited basis  if time permits. (I've become much more selective and impatient as time passes)

Anyway, it's time for me to venture out and run errands. I have one more inbox to check then I'm gone. I hope you enjoy your day as well.


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