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The Pool Party - Black Beat 2010

The Pool Party - Black Beat 2010

Posted on Sep 16, 2010 by Aye Provide

Part of my Black Beat weekend trip to Baltimore included the grown, sexy, and kinky pool party at Goddess K's spacious home in suburbia where I was to be the chained up DJ.  I was relishing the challenge as I packed my gear and a chain long enough and heavy enough to keep me at my station.

The party had started on Friday afternoon but I was not due to start my work until 5 and I pulled into her cul de sac right on time. As I got closer to the driveways I saw a property with pretty black lawn flamingos and thought to myself " Way Cool! Black lawn decor!" I press down on the accelerator and headed up the tree surrounded driveway.  I reached the top of the driveway smiling ...until I looked a very Betty Crocker looking woman in the eye while she raked her yard.  "Hummm, this ain't a kinky party."  I smiled, waved and backed down her driveway in hopes of selecting the right house.  Back in the cul de sac I found Goddess K motioning me to the correct driveway.  I parked the car and popped out as Goddess K greeted me with a generous hug.  She was so very happy I could make it to her party.

As we strolled to her pool area I could hear the cooled out jazz from her I-pod system. She pushed open the solid white gate and my eyes were greeted by a lush pool cabana setting. WOW this was going to be Hot and Sexy. How hot I would find out quickly. The first sexy human sight was my assigned service submissive Kitty.  This was a jaunty little brown skinned solidly built sister with killer curves and well defined calves and thighs.  She was showing off a girly pastel pink pedicure  on her highly arched bare feet.  She was showing off a set of firm and perky breasts too through her see through fishnet top. "Hot damn!" I thought, "I have a servant, and she is a cutie too with a round brown booty!"  She introduced herself in such a polite manner then proceeded to assist me with set up.

Kitty was a fabulous help  and a playful sprite because each time I bent over her little busy hands would be flipping up my skirt I asked what is going on and her answer was she like peeping at polka dot panties.  I stuck my tongue out at her told her she was seeing my bikini bottom, so I dropped my pants and show my ass which promptly got spanked by Goddess K!  "Get to work girl..time to make my party live!"  She clipped my chain to the table, I dropped the bass beat and the party was on or should I say off :-)

As I looked round the pool and saw sexy people relaxing with and without clothing. Oh my, my, my I hope there is plenty sunscreen to go round I see plenty of bare skin. Two hours into the party I got my amps cranked and suddenly SPLASH! I look up quickly and see a lovely naked ebony slave floating on her back across the pool with coal black dreadlocks fanned about her head and a polished gold collar shinning under the setting sun. This is great I have nude sunbathers, a nude mermaid in the pool what could be better?  Why did I ask that? It did get better as I looked to my right I saw Mistress P inserting a butt plug in the ass of her naughty slave boy.  She wasn't making it easy on her boy Naked Nick.  The plug was ice cold and un-lubricated! I heard his squeal as she jammed it in to his anal channel..hehehe.  To finish him off he was treated to the firm slapping of her bare hand to his bare ass. After ten minutes of enthusiastic spanking his ass was well reddened, humph that's what bad boys get when the mess with strict Black Dominas.

Just when I thought there could be be no more shows a shy but sexy belly dancer stepped up to my table with a cd for me to play. She greeted me with a dazzling smile and gave me all the directions needed to kick of her performance. Now this submissive belly dancer was the poster girl for the voluptuous big beautiful woman.  A caramel colored full lipped and full hipped lady dress in the sheers of the belly dancer and adorned with all the sensual bells to entice you to the call of her rhythms. Her bare feet stepped to the primal drums of her music as her bells jingled in time,  All eyes were on her as she twisted and turned with colorful silks drifting behind her.  She was a flirty girl treating us all to her sassy winks and flashes of bountiful breasts swiftly adding the other women at her party to her merry sensual dance. I watch how she enticed each woman to join, slyly undulating her hips creating a siren's call. The impromptu dancing lasted about an hour and was enjoyed by everyone.  By this time the sun has set and the dancers inspired new fun activities!

With all that hip swaying Master T was inspired to create a very lovely but intricate rope suspension with super bright magenta rope against the nude skin of his beautiful mahogany complexed slave. At this point I set the mood with some down tempo trance as Master T lovingly hogtied his property along side the pool before carrying her to the portable suspension rig. Once in position this stunning girl was lifted and suddenly became a living work of art.  Much better than Cirque du Soleil in my humble opinion and for me the highlight of a very cool and kinky party filled with gorgeous people of color!

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