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Summer Winding Down

Summer Winding Down

Posted on Aug 24, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

As I sit here editing footage on this beautiful Sunday morning, I can hear all the festivity ramping up around me for Brooklyn's West Indian Labor Day Parade. In a few days, Caribbeans from all around the country and Canada will descend upon Brooklyn for the festivities and after that's done, Summer will just about be over. Not a happy thought because I love warm weather.

I don't dislike the Fall season,but  it is a reminder that Winter's bitter cold is right around the corner. I try not to think about it and enjoy the weather while it lasts but I can't help being reminded by all the activity around me.

Well, the one good thing about the season change is the great new content to look forward to with more new boys and girls getting used and sometimes abused by yours truly! Plus, I'll be putting out more solo videos of myself in my favorite genres for my wonderful members.

I think I'm gonna immerse myself in my favorite activities to keep my mind off of the change in seasons: shoot, edit and shop. Then I'll proably head south for the greater part of the winter. I find getting out of town is always good for what ails me.


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