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Stalking - An Occupational Hazard?

Stalking - An Occupational Hazard?

Posted on Dec 8, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

My friends and I were discussing the recent tragic events of a fellow Domme/Fetish Model when it occurred to me that this is much more prevalent than I suspected.

I wonder are there more women like us who don't make the papers or who either can't or don't hire lawyers to fight for us? Or, are some of us just magnets for stalkers?  One of my friends said to me that the police just see us as whores anyway, so no sense in fighting back. I had to correct him that that was like hearing that beautiful women should expect no assistance from the police if they get raped. How many women in this business truly believe that they have no rights?

I remember years ago when a domme friend of mine was going through some similar type of harrassment from a client. She refused to go to the police because she felt they would not take her seriously. She eventually left the country to be rid of her harasser.

I grieve for my fellow Dommes who endure these indignities and I say to you all that while an order of protection isn't bullet proof, you have to remember that bullies hardly ever want to mess with someone their own size...


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