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Smell Fetishism: The Power of Scents

Smell Fetishism: The Power of Scents

Posted on Sep 28, 2011 by Contributor

  Yes, it is true that fetishism is all about the objects welove, and the sensations that they produce in us. The smoothness of velvet, theslippery hardness of latex and rubber, or the soft roughness of the ropesaround your wrists and ankles: those sensations are unique, and produce a veryspecial kind of erotic stimulation. But what about the other senses? Noteverything is about touching, rubbing, hitting or slapping. Sight, for instanceis a very important sense: the look of freshly worn panties under the bed, orthe sight of another human being bent on his or her knees, all tied-up andready to be fucked, are powerful images that strike the sexual nerves of thespine, and those mysterious sex neurons in our fetishistic brains. Sounds areimportant too: whether its the sound of a girls laughter while you tickle herfeet, or the sound rubber makes when youre rubbing against it, sounds are agreat spice for every fetish.
But what about smells? Olfactory fetishism is not a verycommon topic. Moreover, some people who have a smell fetish are reluctant to comeout. In reality, smell fetishism is so varied, it has so many subdivisions, andis so widespread, that it deserves to be treated separately from other fetisheseven as it can be connected to some of them. The scientific name of smellfetishism is olfactophilia, and although it originally refers to being sexuallyaroused by body odors particularly the smells emanating from the genitals,already Sigmund Freud applied a similar term to describe people who aresexually stimulated by any kind of odor.
To a certain extant, all of us sexual creatures are actuallyolfactophilics. People have always used different kinds of smells to attractpotential lovers. Perfumes, ointments and scented oils have been a part ofhuman sexuality for centuries. Smells are very important in the animal kingdom.Many animals produce sex pheromones, which are basically smelly hormones thatthey throw into the air to arouse and attract their partners. Scientists stilldebate whether humans produce sexual pheromones or not, and whether thesehormones play an important role in human sexuality. There have been dozens ofstudies about it; one of them, lead by Swedish  neuroscientist Ivanka Savik, definitely proved that malesand females react to the opposite sexs pheromones, and interestingly, thathomosexual women reacted stronger to female pheromones than to male ones. Inany case, these hormones are excreted through sweat, usually through thearmpits: it may not be coincidental that sweaty armpits and sweaty feet areamongst the most popular smell fetishes.
According to Freud, foot fetishism is the mother of allfetishes. However, being a foot fetishist and having a fetish for the smell offeet is not the same. If you like the smell of feet, you dont even need thefeet: a worn shoe or a pair of dirty socks can do the trick. Others get arousedonly by the smell of really dirty, smelly feet. A couple of days without ashower are not enough: they have to be filthy, the smell must be potent, foul,and pungent. The same goes for the armpit: some of us like that subtle smell ofour partners when they dont use deodorant. Even that one day or twowithout a shower, and a few of hours of heat and sweat can produce. But others needmore intensity: a stench that can be perceived from miles away.
This takes us to a kind of sub-division in olfactophilia:there are people who get aroused by normal smells of course, liking thesmell of roses doesnt make you a smell fetishist, but being turned on by thesmell of gasoline probably does; and if the smell of dirt after it rains makesyou want to have sex on wet grass, and cum while your nostrils open wider andwider, you know you are one. Other smell fetishists, however, prefer foulsmells precisely because theyrefoul.  Rotten food, garbage, vomit,urine-drenched sheets and shit are amongst the foul smellerss favorites. Thereare those who get aroused by more specific kinds of stenches, like the odors emanatingfrom the anus, the smell of aged earwax, or farts. In fact, fart fetishism isso popular amongst this kind of olfactophilics, that there are several Queensof Farts out there, all of them trying to claim this title for themselves.
In the end, there are as many sub-divisions of olfactophiliaas there are fetishists. Each person has his or her own favorite smell: the onethats irresistible, the one we cant stop smelling, the one we findintoxicating. This kind of irrational preference toward one smell or the other dependson each persons life experience. Some psychologists believe that ourpreference for certain smells becomes fixated in childhood, when we have ourfirst self-exploratory sexual experiences, which are sometimes accompanied by aparticular scent the smell of grass in the garden, the smell of old hardwood,of gasoline, and so on. In other cases, it is not so much the smell itself, butthe fact that its considered taboo, what triggers smell fetishism, as is thecase with some people who like smells that are considered foul or disgusting byothers.
Nobody denies the fact that odors, scents, stenches andperfumes play a very important role in human sexuality, but olfactory fetishismstill gets very little attention. As more people continue to use pheromones to attractthe opposite sex; as more men confess to their girls that they love to smelltheir dirty panties, and more women confess to their men that they actuallyenjoy smelling their sweaty armpits while theyre having sex, smell fetishismwill be more openly enjoyed by more people, and well start acknowledging thepower of scents in our lives.
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