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Size Does Matter after all !!

Size Does Matter after all !!

Posted on Oct 9, 2012 by Contributor

Size Does Matter after all !!
According to a September 24th study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, women do climax more easily with men with large penises.
Inteligence, personality, sense of humor, social status, height and wealth still play the largest determining factor in being choosen for a male mate however, proving that bigger orgasms still play a secondary role.
Theories abound as to why the big phalus leads to a big orgasm. Everything from G Spot stimulation to greater confidence was mentioned.
Our own EK staff conducted a non scientific experiment and concluded that it is indeed possible to forecast orgasm strength by taking "the motion of the ocean, multiplying it by the angle of the dangle and then dividing it by the square of the hair". Unfortunately several Universities called our results un scientific.
With that, we packed up our obviously plus sized organs and sulked on home.

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