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Seven Questions with Mistress Max Rulz

Seven Questions with Mistress Max Rulz

Posted on Aug 12, 2010 by Aye Provide

Mistress Max Rulz is an African-American Domina the
specializes unlocking the mind as one travels on the journey of submission.  Ethnic Kink caught up with Mistress Rulz to hear more of her thoughts about the journey of dominance and submission.  If you happen to enjoy a rich indulgence in the mental aspects of BDSM Max Rulz is an experience that must be had.

1 Please give us some insight about Mistress Max Rulz, what influenced you to identify as "The Cerebral Locksmith?

I identify as a Cerebral Locksmith because I believe no mater what one may do to the body it all must be filtered by the mind. Everything takes place in the mind, that is where we truly live.

The mind is the place of our dreams, fears fantasies and longings. Being a Mistress, it is my goal and responsibility to unlock parts of that, take it out for a walk ,let it get some light. There may be things in there the possessor has not even looked upon or they only choose to bring it out to play when alone or in their uncontrolled dreams.

By knowing it is the cerebral that I am really dealing with I can become much more effective and creative.

2 What about BDSM appealed to you?

I love every single possibility and nuance associated with BDSM. For the most part there are no limits. one is bound only the the borders of their imagination and creativity. I must say, I find it practically impossible, to not desire to explore outside of those boundaries because each person or even with the same person under different circumstances one may wish to explore further. When the energy is moving and things are getting on you may find yourself outside of those limits and not even notice--that is when it is really magic!

What I find the most exciting and a total turn on is that I can take a strong independent human being and by manipulating their sexual energy, which may or may not have anything at all to do with sex, and turn them into a hot melted mess in the middle of the floor---now that is some hot stuff right there!!

I like that it demands one be creative--I like that there is no room or such a thing as the mundane. It may not be something that blows my skirt up and that is fine--another may not find what I like attractive--it is still all hot stuff for someone and I think that is a good thing!

3 When did you realize the role of Dominant was comfortable for you publicly?

It has always been this way. I have always been forward, shall we say. I have always known what I wanted, how my life should be--no , must be and I have behaved accordingly. There most definitely came a time when I had to come out to family and friends. It was not any type of moral dilemma or anything of that sort. I simply had to come clean because I could not think of any plausible reason to have a naked white man on his hands and knees washing the kitchen floor. I figured the truth was the best way to go.

I am proud to be Domina. I take it and all it entails very seriously. I understand the responsibilities as well, and their are many. The most important for me is the role as Muse. Mistress is also one who must inspire their charge to be more than they thought they could be. This is a very important role as Mistress for one will often aspire to do more and be more when it is for the joy of another.

4 What is your favorite fetish?

My favorite fetish--that is simple. It is learning. Again there is always more, there are as many ways to throw a flogger as there are people throwing them. I can watch a scene--flogging and each time I see it--a thousand times over--it is always different. The energy of the people involved how they respond, some little something they do or say I may add to my repertoire. Take the New Generation I am floored by their openness and passion. They possess such an amazing honesty with regards to exploring their sexuality--we can all learn from that!

5 Can you share your thoughts on what elements for you create a fulfilling BDSM scene?

All I need is for you to be nosy! That is to wonder what may happen and when that is done I will capture the mind, I will engage ones imagination I will inject the creativity and then it is on!!! It is just that simple. All the toys in the world mean nothing if you do not know how and when to apply them and even that matters not if the mind is not captured and engaged.
Sometimes even the willingness is not there totally as we are held in bondage sometimes by many thing not related to BDSM--our parents our society or religion and culture. So if you are just plain old nosy it can be a wonderful adventure.

6 We have visited your lovely website and we'd like to know; Is the Ship SS. SMBD a good ship?

It is an amazing ship. It is a ship with only one port, one destination--the safest harbor of them all--it is a journey to the self. I am not saying that it is not fraught with storms and perils and the like however no other journey will ever be as fulfilling.
On this ship you can face your fears, discovers strengths you only imagined-- realize all your fantasies even know which should stay fantasies. This ship comes in all sizes and styles with all being equally sea worthy. Even if you board the ship for a short journey you will know more about you and be a better you for it, and this is always a good thing.

7 You are very eloquent in your views on exploring the BDSM lifestyle, what "kink"-positive message can you share with us?

What an amazing time we live in. There is much more room in the closet for clothes these days. Explore explore safely. There is no requirement that says you must check your intelligence or common sense at the chain link fence when you enter Kinkyland! The same good sense rules apply.

Seldom do our instincts lead us astray. It is when we rationalize with ourselves that we often find out selves in unpleasant circumstances. The same advise your grandmother gave you, actually still works--if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck looks like a duck please do not try to convince yourself it is a bunny rabbit!!

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