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Seven Questions with Miss Papillion

Seven Questions with Miss Papillion

Posted on Oct 28, 2010 by Aye Provide

Miss Papillon is a bodacious and  wicked Black Femme Domme located in sunny California.
Ethnic Kink managed to catch up with her this week and get some of her thoughts on the BDSM lifestyle.

If you like your discipline coming from a tall sexy full breasted Black woman with a razor sharp wit
Miss Papillion with spark all your desires to be used and controlled.

1 Hello Miss Papillion, would you tell us what first attracted you to this lifestyle?

I actually got talked in to becoming a pro-domme by my boyfriend. At the time I was working a full time day job and going to school at night. After learning the technical parts of it, I fell in love with power and exchange of energy.

2 You definitely give off a Glamorous Amazon vibe with your statuesque physique; how do you think subs and slaves respond to you?

It's a toss up. Some are terrified and some want to climb me like MT. Everest. LOL

3 Would you give us your view on the concept of Female Superiority?

It completely depends on the Female.

4 We know you host a fetish night in LA called Venus. Can you tell us more about it?

Venus takes place at a private dungeon the Lair DeSade (www.lairdesade.com) . The Venus BDSM D/S Party is a female dominant scene restricted event, which means Female Dominated scenes only (subs can be of any gender) It takes place the 3rd Friday of every month and is co-hosted by Princess of Pain. We've added themed nights to add a more spice and a pre-Venus demo. There is such a different energy when all the dominants are female. It's awesome.

5 We have heard you really like to give spankings; what is your weapon of choice?

This is a hard question, I have so many favorites. My favorite weapon of choice is me, my body. Hands, feet, legs arms, the entire package. I've left brutal marks from just hitting with my hands. I've also gotten squeaky noises from very manly men by just pinching something tender with my toes. LOL
My favorite toy- is my nightmare whip, made by Master Orpheus of Cirque De Sade.

6 When a sub or slave sessions with a Dom/me, it is like a journey. What would that journey be like with you?

Hard question.
Every journey is different but I love to get people out of their heads to the primal place. That place where you aren't thinking about work, or what you have to do when you get home. There is no thinking, just reactions. Guttural noises (grunting, growling, crying, wordless screaming) or the best is when those from another country forget they know English, OOHH that's good stuff!!  It's lovely to take someone to a primal place then bring him or her back.

7 We know you have a serious high heel fetish; what is your favorite style?
Oh.. anything 4 inches and up with straps; only thing better than that is thigh high stiletto boots.

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