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Seven Questions with Fetish Photographer Nathan Strausse

Seven Questions with Fetish Photographer Nathan Strausse

Posted on Sep 10, 2010 by Goddess Sonya

Body Marks Cover_NathanStrausse1. When I first saw the site, my initial reaction was to dismiss it as banal, but then I kept coming back to see more in spite of myself. What sort of reactions do you get to your work from women? From other bondage lovers?

Banal, ha ha! That's definitely what I am trying to avoid...  But I am glad that you kept coming back.

I would say the most common reaction i get from woman is intrigue and actual appreciation of the work itself. Most woman I know aren't in the scene, so at first they are curious about what's going on, but afterwords, they tend to look into the actual production.  As for other bondage lovers, they love the perspective and get excited about the content. 

2. What do you think is behind the dearth of high profile ethnic fetish models or just of ethnic fetish models in general?

I guess I've really never thought about it in that light. I like contrast and I find dark skin beautiful. Darker skin has such a great  molding of light. As for why people of color aren't high profile...?? There's probably a great sociology paper that can be written about this. 

3. I noticed some of your work focuses on delectable derrieres, often in pantyhose. Is this your favorite part of a model? 

Ha ha, well I'm not all about the ass, but it is my favorite part. I do love the form of a woman. In all shapes and sizes. But the ass, with it's curve is definitely on the top of my list. Now, mind you, I enjoy all the beautiful curves a woman possesses.

4. You say in your bio that "each model has their own personality." What does that mean and how do you identify and eventually capture this in your models?  

When I shoot, it's more of just hanging out. I try to be very casual. I have an idea, that is usually influenced by the model I am shooting. I bring the resources to achieve this idea to the shoot, but once the model arrives and the resources are in place, I let the model bring forward the idea. I hate it when the model does what they think they should do, not what they want to do. I want their take on it and their perspective. Shit, they probably know better than me anyways. 

5. How did you get hooked up with Andrew Blake? How did that experience inform or influence your aesthetic?

I got introduced to Andrew Blake through a camera rental house I regularly worked with. He was looking for someone who had film knowledge, but was also okay with the content. They gave him my number and we talked on the phone. I knew of his work and was very excited to be considered. The first job I worked with him was a boy-girl scene, so it wasn't the normal Blake shoot, as usually he just shoots woman. But we got along and from there I worked with him for the next 5-6 years on various projects. 

Andrew Blake actually encouraged me to shoot. He could tell I had ideas and an eye. My first real shoot was at his studio with his assistant Monica. She was looking for content for her site and I was just looking to shoot. From there it just expanded. 

6. What is your goal when you create photos and videos?  Is there anything that's important for people to know about Nathan Strausse the artist?

When I shoot, I'm always trying to have an underlying statement or idea. A story. I try to bring more than just the sexual aspect. There are a lot of the sex pics and videos going on that are out there with fetish and more, but I guess I'm just trying to bring a underlying sense to it all. 

What's important for people need to know about me?? Shit, if you like my stuff, thank you. I'm not trying to convince people of something or show them a way. I want them to experience a happening, delve into a world. 

7. Please talk about any current or future projects you're working on.

I have just released my second DVD Body Marks. Which has a sole focus on bondage. I am self distributing it through my website. 


I'm always try to stay busy, working on shoot ideas or other projects. Guess I would like the opportunity to work with a larger budget than I do now. Hopefully sometime soon.

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