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Seven Questions With Alex Chapmon

Seven Questions With Alex Chapmon

Posted on Apr 11, 2010 by Goddess Sonya

Alex Chapmon is an African American BDSM artist whose cartoons depicting Women of color Dominating Black men has created an underground sensation among Ebony Women and their admirers. A longstanding member of his Yahoo Group, and an admirer of his work, I decided to contact Alex and ask him some questions in order to get inside the head of this gentle genius and to introduce him to Ethnic Kink fans that don't already know him....

1. Tell us a little about you. How and when did you get started? What was your inspiration?

I'm 45 years old and Ive been creating fetish art since about 1998. That was about the same year I purchased a computer and discovered the Internet.  I had always fantasized about being dominated by a female my whole life, but I didn't understand what these feelings were or what it was called. I remember searching for female domination in the search engines and looking at all these FemDom pic's.  The reason why I started creating art is because I am an African American male and back in those days their wasn't much diversity in BDSM like their is now.  So I guess I wanted to create my own little world.

2. What made you decide to express yourself as a BDSM illustration artist?

Well .... in the late 90's I spent a lot of time searching for female domination pictures and I stumbled across some Namio Harukawa art and some Eric Stanton art.  I wanted to try to do something similar to what they were doing, but do it my own way.  Also there is nothing like creating something exactly as you imagine.


3. Can you tell us about the process of creating one of your pictures? How do you come up with them? What do you use as your medium?

First, let me say I'm not much of a natural artist. I depend a lot on software. I had no one to show me how to do these things correctly if there is a correct way. I purchased Paint Shop Pro over 10 years ago and just started messing with it and learning on my own. 

Basically, I draw a very simple line drawing with no detail. I can even do this online.  I use Paint Bitmap to enlarge legs, butts, arms etc...or to make a BBW.

4. Most of your work is women of color face-sitting black men. Can you tell us why you chose to make black women your primary subject?

This is a long story. 

When I first started doing this, all of my male characters were Caucasian. The men were Caucasian because I just didn't think my art would be accepted if the male was a black man taking a submissive role.  A fellow artist contacted me gave me a bit of "advice" as he called it. He basically advised me that my art may be considered boring to illustrate so many black women and that I should mix it up a bit.

You see, he was a white artist and he assumed I was white. I replied to him and basically told him that his statement wasn't fair.

He's a white artist drawing white characters and that's ok in his eyes, but I'm a black artist drawing black characters and that's boring?  I thought about that for a while and decided to delete all of my art and start from scratch. I made the decision to draw black characters. I think its only natural. Eric Stanton's characters are mostly White and Namio Harukawa's characters are mostly Asian. So its only natural being an African American to illustrate this way.  I actually have more experience playing with White Dommes than I do with black Dommes, but I still think its only natural for an artist to create characters that look similar to him or herself.

5. What are some of your favorite pieces in your collection? Why?

 This a hard question because I like everything I do.  I'm going to try and pick 5 out of my list:






I can't put a finger on exactly why I like these pieces except that they get my blood boiling. I like the facial expressions and a sense of Dominance and power. Also, you can tell by my art that I have this thing for a woman's butt. But its really hard for me to pick a favorite out of my own collection and most of my fans almost always choose a different favorite than I do.


6. You've made it very clear in your forums that you have no interest in publishing your works in a book. Why is that?

Because I still consider myself a rookie artist. I don't have the control to create something out of someone else's head. I'm terrible at creating things that other people suggest or request. Also I want my art to be free and available to the world.  Now if someone else wants to collect it and put it in a book I more than welcome it, but I personally don't want to go public. I always want to remain private and behind the scenes and I still want the freedom to upload my art to the Internet.

7. Are you working on any new projects? Where can fans purchase your art?

I'm always working on something whether it be one pic or a whole gallery I usually upload them to my Yahoo group. I upload all my favorites to my artbreak page. 

My art cannot be purchased anywhere, but anyone can download it for free.

Thanks so much Alex! Keep doing the damn thing making images of Ethnic BDSM!

To learn more about Alex Chapmon, check out his
Youtube Channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/AlexChapmon
ArtBreak Page : http://www.artbreak.com/AlexChapmon
Yahoo Group : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AlexChapmonArt

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