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School for Women, School for Porn

School for Women, School for Porn

Posted on Aug 13, 2011 by Contributor

One of the first modern pornographic texts was an erotic manualfor women. It was allegedly written by Luisa Sigea de Velasco, a Spanish intellectualborn in 1522. "The School for Women", as the book was known in England,was actually written by an obscure French intellectual. It contains a series of conversations between Tulia, a 26-year-oldmarried woman, and her young cousin, Ottavia. It turns out Ottavia's motherasked Tulia to teach the young woman how to enjoy her body and how to enjoysex.

At 26, Tulia is already a very experienced woman, and her approach toteaching is rather interactive: it involves a lot of show and tell. In thebook, the two women have their conversations in Tulia?s bed, while her husbandis away. She convinces Ottavia to get in bed with her, naked,while she teaches her how to caress another woman?s body and the different partsof the male and female anatomy. She instructs her in how to make love to a man, a woman and of course howto please herself.
The text spread in popularity among kinksters whoused to secretly exchange erotic writings, images and texts written in Latin to avoid it falling into the wrong hands. Although it was written by a man, it actually payshomage to female independence and lesbian love. It also started a genre ofpornographic literature in which an older, dominant woman teaches a younger,submissive one how to enjoy sex.

Today, thisgenre is not only still very popular, but has it spawned a number of relatedgenres, and perhaps served as a partial inspiration for the figureof the MILF.

There's a lot we modern kinksters can learn fromthe kinksters of the past.
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