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Sad News

Sad News

Posted on Sep 21, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

I was so shocked today to learn that my friend Jazzmon Radford has passed away. Although we were estranged for reasons I can't even recall right now, I still considered her a friend and am sad to learn of this nonetheless.

What saddens me even more is that there is no mention anywhere of her passing; I learned of her death through my Pandemos newsletter. I didn't get to say goodbye, I didn't get to offer my condolences to her family. I guess it hits me harder since I recently visited my own brother's grave at the cemetery. Just like him, I'll never get the chance to reconcile with her over my principled stand. And in light of certain circumstances, I probably had very little, if any cause to be angry with

People, life is too short to hold anything against anyone. Please cherish the people in your life and never leave them without patching up differences. One never knows if there'll be a tomorrow to work things out.

RIP Jazzmon...


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