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Quick Update

Quick Update

Posted on Mar 31, 2009 by Goddess Sonya

Hi All,

I have alot of family related stuff going on right now, but I refuse to let it keep me down. I wish I could pretend that all is well again but it ain't, and there's no getting around that fact. However, since I am not personally physically impaired in any way, it doesn't preclude me from doing what I can to keep things moving. So I haven't been able to do things as quickly as I'd hoped, but so what? There's a saying where I come from :"Where horse reach, donkey has to reach." It may take me a little longer to get where I'm going, but make no mistake people, I will be there for my family AND I will get the things done that I have talked about. You'll see.

Mark my words, people. Goddess Sonya gets things done no matter what.


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