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Post Thanksgiving Day Ramblings

Post Thanksgiving Day Ramblings

Posted on Nov 27, 2009 by Goddess Sonya

I had a pretty uneventful holiday. Not much else to say about that. My sister and I spent the day together swapping stories about mom and what we'd be doing if she were around today.

Some of you know that my mother passed away this summer; she lost her short battle with Breast cancer and although I've moved on, I'm still mourning. I didn't think I would feel good doing the whole holiday thing knowing she wouldn't be there to help and celebrate. Last Thanksgiving, we did a huge feast with family and friends; the contrast would have been too stark.

Anyway, I hope you all had a terrific holiday, ate lots of food and spent quality time with your loved ones.

I haven't been feeling like doing much lately, so I'm  get myself back in gear so I can be productive once again.  Truth be told, I wish I'd stayed longer in Florida.

So, I'm back online after several days of not really being in touch but I'm pretty proud of the way my projects are getting knocked off of my list one by one. What do you think of my new newsletter? Have you checked out my new blog? What about the new models I have coming up?

I've been getting emails from fans with ideas for movies and with great feedback, so keep it up, because I do respond and I do try to make your fantastic ideas a reality.

I keep forgetting to congratulate the winners of my raffle. Three winners received free three day passes for participating in my survey. I hope you enjoyed my websites.


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