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Playing Doctor: The Joys of Medical Fetishism

Playing Doctor: The Joys of Medical Fetishism

Posted on Oct 12, 2011 by Contributor

At first sight,medical fetishism may seem to be a little too ordinary. Almost everyone hasfantasized about being handled by a hot doctor male or female, depending onones gender and sexual orientation. Slutty nurses are a clich: a commonplaceof mainstream porn, Halloween costumes, and even the media. In sum: everybody lovesa sponge bath, but sponge baths can be a little too ordinary for some.
The truth is medicalfetishism offers a whole wide world of options for sexual entertainment, asthose who have made it an important part of their lifestyles know. It is abroad-scoped fetish: in the soft sideof the spectrum we can find the simple pleasures of rectal temperature taking,and receiving or administering enemas; in the hard side we find a few more extreme activities, such asunnecessary surgery there are both patients and doctors who have a fetishfor unnecessary surgery, and anesthesia fetishism. In between, almost everysingle medical procedure can be fetishized, but the most popular, of course,are gynecological and urological exams, as well as rectal and prostaticmassages.
Going for a medical examinationof the ass and of the sexual organs may already sound tantalizing, but letsnot forget that clinics and hospitals are perfect for staging fantasies of thedeviant kind: theyre clean and artificial, they have a distinctive smell, andtheyre full of toys. The patient can be restrained in a gynecologicalexamination chair: something that both subs and doms can enjoy, each on theirside of the chair, of course. Fellas: after having inserted a glove-coveredfinger or hand in every single cavity in your patients body, dont forget youcan examine her pussy by using a speculum: a transparent medical tool you caninsert into the vagina in order to take a look inside. And there is an analspeculum as well. So ladies, after having examined and squeezed those ballswith your hands all dressed in latex, your can take a look at your patientsprostate by inserting an anal speculum into their asshole: if he likes prostatemassages, hell appreciate it; if he doesnt, well youre the doctor.
The doctor/patientrelationship provides the perfect stage for fetishistic role-play: theres adominant role and a submissive one; theres special clothing involved, and theinteraction revolves around controlling and examining the subs that is, thepatients- body. Its not surprising that playing doctor is one of the firstways of exploring sexuality. For decades, the doctors office was one of thefew places where it was OK for people to remove their clothes, and have anotherperson touch certain body parts that were considered taboo. That is why actionsthat may seem mundane to us, such as giving or receiving an injection, or takingyour shirt off for a general check-up, became eroticized very early.
More significantly,during the Victorian era, when scientific advances in medicine where startingto boom, but sexuality was still considered a dirty instinct that needed to becontrolled and repressed, doctors were entrusted with the handling of femalesexuality, and that included administering orgasms. But there were medicalreasons for physicians to take on the arduous task of pleasuring their femalepatients. Women who suffered from irritability, or were too nervous, or wantedto have sex too often, or lacked sexual desire in their marriages, or presentedother symptoms from a very long list, were usually diagnosed with hysteria. Itwas believed that hysteria was some kind of swallowing of the uterus. There wasno definite cure for hysteria, and women had to undergo weekly sessions of pelvicmassages during which the doctor would rub the patients pussy, until shereached hysterical paroxysm, and started to scream, and sweat, and moan, andyou get the idea. After reaching hysterical paroxysm we would now say: aftercumming, women felt relieved, relaxed, were more agreeable, and could continuewith their lives until the next pelvic massage session.
These treatments werevery common in Europe and in the Unites States during the 19th century.According to the literature of that time, doctors did not enjoy the arduouswork of administering these pelvic massages something we dont believe for asecond. In any case, there were so many women out there asking for house calls,that doctors could not treat them all, and decided to use the latest technologicaladvances to design a medical device that would make the work of massaging awomans pussy easier, and more pleasurable: the vibrator. It is a fact that thefirst vibrators were developed during the industrial age as a medical device totreat hysteria. They would eventually evolve into objects that women could buy anduse by themselves, and we all know how that story ended.

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