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Perve - A Story Submitted by A Panty Sniffing Fan

Perve - A Story Submitted by A Panty Sniffing Fan

Posted on Sep 1, 2010 by Goddess Sonya

I watch as you leave.... I have one goal in mind...I see that you have left one window open...its so hot out why not?... I slip inside and hope you don't have an alarm. Once inside I move around the house 'til I find your bedroom...and there on the floor are the panties you had on the night before (I can tell because they are bunched up in your pants!)... nothing special, they are pink and black boy shorts. But I'm not really interested in the color or style... I'm interested in the crotch!I pick them up and as I bring them to my face i can already smell your pussy on them (hot black pussy is soooo damn erotic!). My dick is starting to rise and I know soon I'll start to leak pre cum. I'm looking at the stains you left behind... it looks like you have been busy! I can't tell if it's just a lot of sweet honey ....or....the night before you let some lucky guy have his way with you...possibly your boy friend? They are still quite moist. I put them to my nose...and breathe deep...oh my god your pussy smells soooo fucking goooood! Like piss, sex, sweat and lust all at once the way a vagina should smell! On the floor are a few more pairs; I stoop down and smell each one...they all smell damn good! Some are strong while others are light...and my dick continues to flex while I try to imagine what you were doing while you had them on. Dancing? Working out? Looking at some guy and thinking he was hot while your pussy agreed??I decide to look around the bathroom....and find a few more pairs in there as well ...in total i have 7 pairs of your worn, dirty and in some cases Filthy panties...they are all sexy and they are all stained to varying degrees. You must have one of those really active pussies the kind that stays in heat!! But the best pair are the ones I found that you must have just taken off. I quickly undress and lay down on your unmade bed...my dick is throbbing, my hands are shaking ...AND IM LEAKING! I look down and watch the long thin strand of my precum dangle back and forth till it touched your pillow! I hope I don't get caught! I notice a bottle of hair grease on your night table; I rub it on to my waiting dick...and begin to milk myself as I smell your vagina...it doesn't take long for me to cum to your scent. I get up on my knees pulling and stroking myself while smelling your vagina. I imagine how your pussy made this huge mess in your panties...maybe you were fucking right in the spot I'm about to cum in?...Or maybe it's ALL your sweet sensual girl cream MAYBE THIS IS HOW YOUR PUSSY JUST IS??? In any case...you're making me cum...NOW! I begin to shoot cum all over your pillows and sheets it feels like its blasting out of me at 100 mph.... I put the panty crotch into my mouth and taste the flavor of your cunt... FUCK!! I lose it again... I have multiple orgasms as my balls make me explode once again... I suck on your musky...beautiful panties the flavor is.... so tangy and sweet all at once, it tastes just like I always thought it would. I wonder what it would be like if you sat on my face and fucked my mouth.I quickly get up and dress. I look around one last time...and find some pictures you took..they are of you in just a pair of white cotton panties and a T-shirt... damn your fine!! I take the picture, put all the panties I found into a plastic bag...and leave the way I came in. I know i will never be able to pull this off again I'm sure you will tell me all about it at work on Friday. I'll listen as I always do... and I'll pretend to be shocked as well. Perhaps you will invite me over to show me what happened... showing me where the cum stains were on the bed and telling me about the missing panties...we'll see. But I know that from now on, whenever I see that fat outline of your mound...when you wear that one pair of jeans (you know the ones...the skin tight designer jeans - I licked the crotch on that too!)...my dick will be even harder. Or when ever you bend over and the top of the panties you have on show... I'll be leaking in my own pants because I'll know what the pussy they are covering smells like...and taste like.

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