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Odds & Ends

Posted on Jan 22, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

Good grief! There's always something. The bottom is dropping out of the US market and the rest of the world market is tumbling right along with it. I was thinking of making changes to my retirement accounts, but I think I'll stay put for now.

I didn't shoot anything Saturday. I'm also kind of falling behind on editing because I've been busy setting up my new computer and rearranging my office space. It's coming along nicely, but there's still more work to go in order to make it my exclusive work station. I still have to roll back and forth and I don't like that; I'm afraid I might squish my cat's tail!

I've also been busy trying to clean up my mailling list. You won't believe how many people sign up for the list with phony addresses and random character strings! It's time consuming, but because I'm slightly anal about these things, I'm doing it myself. Of course, it's keeping me from actually sending out an actual  newsletter, but as is often the case, one bad apple spoils the bunch. Don't be surprised if these functions disappear in six months to a year's time.

I'm gonna get back into editors mode and get the latest stuff off of my plate. I still owe you guys a newsletter and I have a spanking film that's awaiting my attention. The rest, I'm farming out to the other editor. After all, I'm not superwoman.

All the best and stay warm!!

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