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New Resolutions For Subbie's Service

New Resolutions For Subbie's Service

Posted on Jan 11, 2010 by Aye Provide

Happy New Year! and Welcome to 2010! I know we have all hear about what a milestone 2010 is and how we all should be starting fresh and looking forward to change. I could not agree more, but when making changes I think we forget to include 2 factors: The first is, is it reasonable? And the second, is it attainable? This is where we go wrong with New Year's Resolutions, particularly when it deals with our service and devotion to our Dominants.

At this point you're probably thinking this will become a preachy "blame the submissive" piece or a script advocating mayhem and disobedience...not at all. I am writing to candidly speak on ways to create Resolutions that can be achieved and appreciated by both you and your Dominant at year's end.

Step one is to LIMIT your Resolutions. Rome was not built in a day and it wasn't torn down in one either, so my suggestion is to limit yourself to three Resolution goals. More can always be added if you find you have achieved your goals before the end of the year! The most important part of establishing goal for change is that you want these new ways to become integrated into your life so that the Resolution/goal is a permanent addition, not just a fleeting thought.

Step two: choose at least one of your new goals with your Dominant in mind. Nothing is more pleasing to a Dominant that to see the owned submissive champion a goal that will bring pleasure or order to His or Her world. Discuss the topic openly with your Dominant; that way both of you can travel the same path to a mutually satisfying conclusion. An example of this would be resolving to expand the limits of a certain type of play. A few years back I decided to explore needle play after numerous conversations with my Dominant along with being shown a plethora of photos. The thought wasn't pleasant, but because had gotten a ton of safety information, I said "Let's go for it." It was a positive experience and I now include it on play list mostly because I resolved to openly communicate and trust my Dominant to move us to an expanded level of play.

Step three: be sure to choose a goal centered on your own growth and development. This is extremely important because as submissives we are prone to trap ourselves in the rut of taking care of others and neglecting ourselves. We must seek to avoid that trap by taking time to nurture and pamper ourselves. We all have different things that drive us, so for 2010 be sure to include a goal that will push you towards becoming the best well-rounded person you can be. After all, it is most pleasing to a Dominant to have collared a highly accomplished submissive, so go after what you want for self improvement in 2010. If you wish to learn a language, do it. If you wish to learn the art of bootblacking get your information and train for it. If your desire is to transform yourself to a no limit anal slut...apply your anus to it; I am sure your Dominant will enjoy every second of taxing that ass!

Step four: last but DEFINITELY not least: ... Communicate. Communicate! COMMUNICATE!! In any relationship change works best when all parties are informed of what's coming. Change has the best shot at being accepted AND succeeding when all involved have a chance to voice opinions and suggestions. Remember this and your new goals have the best chance at becoming an integrated life change.

My resolution for 2010 is to explore sensuality and sexuality. I will be checking out lots of experiences, I'll let you know what I find.

Good luck and let me know what your resolutions are for 2010.

Aye Provide

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