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New GoddessSonya.com Redesign!

New GoddessSonya.com Redesign!

Posted on Jan 6, 2011 by CastingLou

Great News! GoddessSonya.com has been totally redesigned from the ground up.

 We've made it easier to navigate, so you get to the things that you want faster. No more wading through pages of prose to get to the good stuff (and if you miss the prose, her journal's been move to this blog for the nostalgic)! We've also created bigger video player options (including full screen) plus the ability to move forward or backward in a video to get to the parts you want to see.

 Another feature is the  massive amount of stills available, so each video has a photo set. You really get a sense of what the video is about this way.

 Finally, we've added another payment option.. European fans may feel more comfortable and appreciate this feature.

All the stuff you need? Check. All the stuff you don't? Gone. Check out the newly redesigned GoddessSonya.com and see for yourself!

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