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My interesting Weekend

My interesting Weekend

Posted on Oct 20, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

Hey There!

I know it's been a some time but demands for my time have increased while the days keep getting shorter. At some point one has to unplug and take a moment to breathe...

Friday I had dinner with a friend I hadn't seen in a long time, then we watched old movies on TV. It was really nice to get away from my computer and relax with a friend and just hang out.

Saturday, I had a shoot with a boy and a girl - us girls teamed up and strapped on to fill both my sissy's holes. Everyone involved had fun, especially Sissy Gabriella who'd been dying to have this happen for several months now! My protege Mistress Monica couldn't stop about how excited she was to be dominating a sissy boi. And I of course, love it when we all have fun and make new stuff to bring to my members.

I finally got the changes made to the pages of the site. What do you think? I still have to finish up the members newsletter, haven't forgotten it but as I said before all things must be done in order. Now that this is done I can move on to video editing once again before I really fall behind!

Okay, I've gotta split. But I wanted to at least come up for a little air and let my adoring fans know that I'm still here and still chipping away...

Be good and take care,

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