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My Work Free Weekend

My Work Free Weekend

Posted on Jun 30, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

I've  been bitten by the vacation bug so I decided to forego work this weekend and opted for some R&R. On Friday I went to the movies to see that new assassin flick starring the scottish actor and the pregnant celebrity. I rather enjoyed the stunts and the training sequences. The twist at the end was so-so.

Saturday I went shopping with my sister and had dinner with a good friend of mine to talk business, but mostly to catch up on things. It was nice not to have to get dolled up only to schlep to my studio and shoot. Not that that's not always fun, but it gets monotonous, particularly when the weather out is so beautiful.

Yesterday I went to the beach to work on my tan (that's correct, black people do get tans!) and to splash around in the ocean a bit. Unfortunately, the weather inland was peppered with thunderstorms, so the lifeguards shooed us all out of the water and off the beach, so my playtime was cut short. Still I'm thankful that I got to go at all. Usually I'm so tired after shooting on Saturday night that I don't want to do anything on Sunday but sleep and maybe drag myself out of bed for brunch.

All in all, I feel really energized and am ready to get back to work on my existing projects and shoots to bring you members some new and exciting footage.

I'll let you know how my shoots this week go!


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