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Making Faces: Reflections of an Incurable Fetishist

Making Faces: Reflections of an Incurable Fetishist

Posted on Aug 24, 2011 by Contributor


The soles of the feet; golden showers; cigarette smoke;rubber dolls; inflicting pain; tickling, restraining a partner: the list of fetishes, kinky practices and ways of having fun seem endless. Most of these fetishes, by their very nature, consist of an obsession with one single objector body part - or body fluid - without which there can be no complete sexual satisfaction. Let me explain further: there may be sexual satisfaction, but the experience is not as intense, not as complete. Here I would like to address a body part that sometimes gets forgotten: the face. But first, lets look at fetishism in general.

As it happens with other alternative lifestyles, fetishism has been, at different times, singled out, persecuted, considered illegal, and repudiated by mainstream society. More recently, there seems to be a different attitude towards it, and practices such as BDSM are openly depicted in the media, sometimes even without stigma. Perhaps it would surprise many of you to know that Sigmund Freud was the man who shaped our current understanding of fetishism. Freud considered fetishism, as well as other sexual practices that society labeled as perversions, to be non-neurotic ways of dealing with ones sexuality.According to his formula, perversions are the backside of neuroses: while many normal people tend to repress their sexual desires, and develop neurotic  symptoms, others let their sexual obsessions, such as fetishism, flourish, and integrate them as part of their sexuality and lifestyle. According to Freud,fetishism is not something that needs be treated by psychoanalysis. It is a healthy way of expressing your sexuality.

Freud had his own list of fetishes, with foot fetishism listed as the most common one of them. There are different types of foot fetish: there's foot worship, there are those who like dirty feet, those who like them clean, and, certainly those who like them with shoes or boots on.

There are other body parts that receive a lot of attention,like the legs, the ass, and the breasts, but what about the face? The face often goes unnoticed, even as it is, many times, the center of our attention.As with other parts of the body, it is worshiped by some, and vilified by others; it is often kissed, and often slapped. Either way, face fetishism exists, and were becoming more aware of it day by day.

Slapping can be considered a form of face fetishism.Slapping your partner on the face, and seeing those tinny red spots appear, can be a real turn on. Face fucking is another form, when its not just about deep throat, gagging or face sitting per se, but instead involves an obsession with the whole face. A blowjob or cunnilingus is one thing, but the feel of your partners entire face in your crotch can be extremely hot.

Among the different forms of face fetishism, there is one that involves an extreme adoration of the face itself. Throughout the world,many people are starting to share their obsession with watching someones face as they cum. No touching, no slapping, no face fucking; only enjoying the gestures, sounds, and changes of color of the face as the person is being stimulated to climax. This elegant form of fetishism comes from Japan. It is called Gaman Kao, or Patient Face.There are a few websites out there that offer Patient Face porn, especially in Japan, and while its not a mainstream form of porn it doesn't even involve nudity it is still very hot to watch. If you ever want to try it, here is how it works. A camera is focused on a persons face, while she or he is being stimulated off-camera. Nothing else is shown in the picture: just the face. You can think about it as some kind of vanilla peepshow; in fact, some Gaman Kao porn videos show women sticking their heads through a hole in the wall, in a comfortable position, while their bodies are having sex on the other side of the wall. And that is all you can see: a beautiful female face being as she is being stimulated, and reaching climax. Perhaps this fetish is so common in Japan, because in Asian cultures, in general, displaying strong emotions is considered impolite; we all know that taboo is like fuel for fetishism.

The face plays a fundamental role in human communication and socialization. The face is able to express a large array of feelings, moods and sentiments in an almost instant manner, and all of us are capable of reading those expressions. In fact, according to anthropologist Paul Ekman, we are all able to read facial expressions even in an unconscious way; conversely, our micro-expressions and gestures many times give our real thoughts and feelings away, even when we try to hide them. Ekman's work inspired the TV series Lie to Me, and even though not all scientists agree with his theories, the importance of the face in human socialization is an accepted fact.

So, if the face has played such an important role in all forms of human interaction, to the point that some scientist claim that our ability to read faces is part of the evolutionary traits that make us humans, itis only natural that the face plays an equally important role in the most intimate and intense of human interactions: sex.

Watching the gestures and hearing the sounds your lover makes while having sex is a big turn on.Personally, I find it very inspiring. Ill even go as far as saying that most people share this form of face fetishism, without acknowledging it as such.Some kinksters, on the other hand, may find face fetishism a little too soft. I believe one can think of it as a middle ground: a form of fetishism almost all of us share. Perhaps if everybody followed their perversions, there would be fewer neurotics out there.

The sexual revolution would then be complete.

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