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Looking Forward to Spring

Looking Forward to Spring

Posted on Mar 2, 2010 by Goddess Sonya

Weather reports say there's supposed to more snow fall Wednesday into Thursday this week. Well, I don't care now, because I know we're one step closer to Spring than we were a week ago. Yay, March!

This month I'm solidly booked every weekend with shoots (although sometimes too much planning can mean too little doing!) and I'm working diligently to keep things moving in a forward motion. I'm happy to announce the addition of Aye Provide and Bella Princess Jewel to Ethnic Kink as contributing writers! They bring their own unique perspectives to this scene as submissive black women and I look forward to sharing their insights with you all.

I've also decreed this month "CBT & Ass Worship Month" because after looking at the lineup, I saw an exciting theme of not only cruel and sensual cock teasing, but also glorious asses being kissed & worshipped! Viva la Domme!

I'm making headway and have just about wrapped up producing Miss Rubber World's first ever DVD. I'm very proud of the work my crew did and I know they'll be happy with the finished product. ::Pats herself on the back and smiles::

(Sigh!) It's as if I can feel Spring approaching in my DNA. I have more energy, I feel my creative juices flowing again and I'm no longer sleeping until 11am. Ok, so I'm not getting as much exercise as I used to but I'm working on it. I'm never completely out of shape, just not my target weight currently.

So, let the snow fall one more time and coat the streets of New York with white, inconvenient slush. I don't care this time because Srping is on the very near horizon and things couldn't be better!


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