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June's Travels - Subbie on the Loose!

June's Travels - Subbie on the Loose!

Posted on Jul 4, 2010 by Aye Provide

subbie DJOkay, okay it's now July but I have had a heck of a busy month and I wanted to include all my June travels
because I had SUCH a great time and made many more new friends!

My first trip took me to Scranton, PA for the BLASPHEMY FETISH GALA Part 2 Hosted by Domina Vendela Zane.
I was invited back in April to be a featured performer since there was a VERY long list of people that wanted to have a swing at
the notorious Bad Blackness. I called her and said, "I'm in!!" After confirming, the only thing left to do was secure transport and plan my outfit..hehehehe.

Two months passed quickly and soon it was June 9th. What a day... I get a call from Domina Zane asking if I could cover for their usual DJ. I said of course, but in the back of my mind I had to scramble for 3 reasons:
  1. I have NO clue what music to bring.
  2. I have NO clue what equipment I need.
  3. This changes my wardrobe completely!
Phone calls started streaming in and soon all my concerns were addressed and I was in the car driving to the Gala.
I rolled in and received the BEST welcome from everyone. I was fed excellent wings and given good freezing cold soda-happy, happy, happy! I set my booth up, did my sound check, and was ready to rock.

I am all settled in with my cute poka dot skirt and to my surprise Domina Zane and her partner Sir Daddi strolled up with a harness and a retract-o leash for me (it would not do to have a free roaming Aye Provide). I was tethered to the DJ booth and could only be freed with permission or risk a very public ass beating. Because I was performing later, I elected to comply and behave. The music flowed and all had a great time.

It was then time for my demo; I was ready to flip up my skirt up and take my licks... but much to my surpise I found 3 asses position for the sting of my hand and the welts from my administered cropping! WHOO-HA! I got to be bad and redden the butts of three little naughty men. I was overjoyed to inflict the pain and whilst doing it I made the audience laugh, giggle, and get off. Domina Zane was proud of my humorously erotic demonstration.

I really had a huge learning experience from this event..I learned I am a very entertaining spanker and I discovered I am going to have to check out more Dykes in uniform because I think they are sexy.

June wasn't over yet, I was back on the road headed to Baltimore for shoots and a few more DJ gigs. I managed to grab some very good shoots too. I also got to spend time hanging out in the non- tourist sections of Baltimore and Washington DC. The people were great and they didn't mind me showing up in PVC and ankle cuffs!
I made a new struggle video and I had lunch with a group of gentlemen who purchase my used panties. One fellow pleaded to buy the pair I was wearing at the lunch - so off to the bathroom I went to get commando and pass on that worn piece of lingerie.

Once again June was a FABULOUS month! Many thanks to all that welcomed me!

PS: I bought dildos while I was out..more on that later.

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