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"How to Present Yourself to a Mistress" Available now!

"How to Present Yourself to a Mistress" Available now!

Posted on Mar 10, 2010 by Goddess Sonya

The Mistress Didi's eBook "How to Present Yourself to a Mistress" is available for download as a PDF on her website.

The Mistress Didi, Classic Fetish Therapist, is on a mission to improve the state of The Fetish Scene so that We can all have Better Fetish. The Mistress Didi was very fortunate to have lived The Lifestyle when the public Scene represented talent, skill, respect, sophistication, and class qualities which seem to be sorely lacking on the whole these days. Too many people are miseducated by the money-grubbing media to believe that The Scene is negative and operates on the most banal levels, whereas The Mistress Didi's truth, and that of other Lifestylers, is The Scene is powerfully loving and giving. Very much the charitable giver on many levels, The Mistress Didi has created How To Properly Present yourself To A Mistress to continue to offer valuable resources to The Fetish Community while raising funds for Her charities!

How To Properly Present yourself To A Mistress is an effort to improve opportunities for submissives to meet Dominants and make a good impression. It is also an excellent resource for Dominants to assist
prospective submissives and those We meet on the roads in Our Fetish Journeys.

The Mistress Didi loves creating win-win situations so she is offering a FreeView where you can sample some of the wonderful techniques She offers in the Full Version of How To Properly Present yourself To A Mistress, which is only $7 a fee low enough to allow The Mistress
Didi to:
  1. Offer more people Her valuable knowledge in difficult financial times;
  2. Offer those who are truly submissive and/or just beginning to explore their submissive expressions an invaluable resource;
  3. Offer Dominants a quick and easy resource to contribute to the restoration of the Beauty of The Fetish Community;
  4. Give The Fetish Community a powerful resource to improve conditions resulting from the negativity that plagues Us from the mainstream media and other exploiters; and
  5. Raise more funds for Her charities.
For more information and complimentary resources from The Mistress Didi, visit Her website at
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