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Goddess Sonya's Late Night Foot Scene

Goddess Sonya's Late Night Foot Scene

Posted on Sep 15, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

I was pretty tired this past week, maybe PMS or something. In any event, I was pretty wiped out by the time Saturday rolled around I was so glad that this weekend's shoot was a foot worship scene. Slave A was a wizard at foot massage and foot worship and knew his way around a bottle of nail polish!

Thank goodness for you jelly bean boys out there. I would have fallen asleep if the camera wasn't rolling! I decided to reward him with a nice little foot job that sent him into orgasm almost immediately. Afterwords, I felt so energized and ready to dance the night away, but instead, I went home and enjoyed a wonderful deep sleep.

When you guys see this scene you'll understand what I'm talking about... I can't wait to have him back again to worship mine and another lady's feet!


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