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Goddess Sonya plays Event Planner

Goddess Sonya plays Event Planner

Posted on Jan 25, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

Crap! I think my lucky health streak may be coming to an end. I have managed to dodge the cold/flu bullet so far, but late nights and early mornings are threatening to put me down. I'm gonna try to spend the day in bed, drink plenty of water and hope for the best. Otherwise I'll have to cancel my shoot for tomorrow and I'd hate to do that.

I had a short shoot on Wednesday because once again, this girl was unable to make it. The problem with this girl was she couldn't get a baby-sitter. It was sort of last minute so I'm not really upset and anyway, once again, I was able to make the best of it. I did a POV shoot that I think you'll enjoy.

One of the great things about running your own site is that you have control of just about every aspect of the site. I looked over the footage from my adventure with c last week and I decided to scrap all of it except for the final scene where I order him to fuck my feet. There just wasn't enough momentum to justify using the other scenes, wasn't a whole lot going on except for him screaming. So I use my executive right to nix the shit. Ha ha!

I'm gonna rap this up soon, but I wanted to share my plans for Saturday with you so you can send me bounce back wishes and speedy recovery. I plan to have sissy maid g suck off a new guy while he gets banged or dildo-fucked by my TS (or some similar permutation) while I orchestrate the entire scene. How deliciously humiliating!!

Say a little prayer that I don't get sick, guys! I'm going back to bed...


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