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Goddess Sonya Takes Her Stilettoes (and Her Gloves) Off ...

Goddess Sonya Takes Her Stilettoes (and Her Gloves) Off ...

Posted on Mar 17, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

I didn't film this weekend (my cameraguy was out of town) but I still had a ton of things to do. Most important was I  took myself out for a manicure and pedicure, finished up some editing that I had outstanding (I'm never ever done, mind you, just not falling behind) and I had all kinds of company over during the weekend. I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say I was the hostess with the mostest. After it was all over, I treated myself to a luxurious, hot bubble bath.

New York swore in our new Governor today. While I was watching the ceremony (what a charmer that Mr. Paterson is!) a census taker came to my door to interview me. Here I am, in my bathrobe ready to jump into the shower afterwards and this poor woman knocks on my door, as reluctant to be there as I was to open the door. But I didn't want to shirk my civic duty, so I let her in. I didn't want to tell her that this was a momentous occasion, history-making for the State of New York, for fear of runnning her off. I'm not fond of how he became Governor, but I am glad he is here. To hear everyone who knows him speak of him, I think we'll finally get some things done here that are long overdue. Hoo-rah!

While I'm walking on eggshells, let me switch gears to quickly ask: What the hell is the big deal about prostitution? There are no victims here. And why is the media haranguing this poor girl who's only crime was being picked from a portfolio and doing what she was paid to do? Geeze, give me a break! There are men and women dying overseas, fighting  for our freedom and the best the media could come up with is to hang out around her house to glamorize and demonize her? Get over it!

Okay, I'm off my soapbox. Enjoy your day...


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