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Friday March 12th, Black Beat one year anniversary

Friday March 12th, Black Beat one year anniversary

Posted on Mar 8, 2010 by Bella Princess Jewel

On Friday, March 12 the Chicago Chapter of Black Beat will have their one year anniversary. To RSVP or to learn more about the event visit Fetlife.
I hope to be attending the munch portion of this event which is held between 7pm to 9pm Central. Truthfully, I am not much of a munch person, but this sounds like an event I may want to attend. It would be great for me to find out about what Chicago Black Beat is about. The munch portion will have some educational benefits regarding Black Beat, why it was started, the goals of the organization and how it serves the BDSM community. It will also share some basic BDSM information for those who may be coming to their first kink outing!

What you can expect at munches, play parties, etc..

It's sort of an Introduction 101 attending these events.
I've always asked myself, "What is a munch anyway?" To me a munch is a casual social dinner or lunch where those within the lifestyle of BDSM , Fetish and Kink may gather. Different munches have different personalities; it's contingent on the organization of its members and or leaders. They are usually a pretty good setting for all those within or interested in the lifestyle to socialize and play. They are usually organized in various places like restaurants or bars.
To find out about this up and coming event, you can visit their RSVP page on Fetlife. Maybe I will see you there!
Again, the link on Fetlife to this event is - http://fetlife.com/events/13566
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