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Five Ways to Please Yourself

Five Ways to Please Yourself

Posted on Mar 24, 2010 by Bella Princess Jewel

Of course you should always be thinking of pleasing your Dominant; however self preservation and self care are important to the vitality of any human being. In order to please someone whole-heartedly, you should know how to please and care for yourself. This is for a submissive who has time to herself or is single. If you are collared, owned or under consideration, please request permission before following any of these suggestions.

1. Keep that wholesome spirit going and revitalize your mind and body. Long walks by yourself, meditation and reading a good book are great ways to take care of your mental state during downtime. If you are searching for a Dominant, sometimes the search itself can be overwhelming, make you feel a bit anxious and sometimes stressed. If you are a submissive who is taking care of your Dominant, sometimes we can neglect ourselves. The excitement and the eagerness to please and keep our Dominant happy can sometimes lead to forgetting about ourselves. So with your Dominant?s permission take some downtime and care for yourself at least once a week. This self care can relieve stress, renew and revitalize your mind, body and spirit. So read a good book (see #5), meditate, or go for a nature walk.

2. Befriend a fellow sub or Dominant. Be careful while doing this. You have to be as selective befriending someone as you would be searching for the right Dominant. Relationships are good and refreshing, especially when you have common interests.

3. Self bondage. All you need is yourself, comfortable clothing or nudity and a cut out a leg from a pair of panty hose (pantyhose should be big enough to fit two of your legs in one leg). You may save others pieces to place over your face for a restraining feeling. Imagine your Dominant being present. Close your eyes and have a seat on the floor with your pantyhose. While your eyes are closed, bring your feet in closer to your chest, scoop both feet and ankles inside the leg of the pantyhose. You may take other pieces and pull over your head if large enough while keeping your eyes closed. Your eyes should still be closed. You should have no idea what your feet look like. Roll yourself over and get into the crawl position. Then repeat these three positions over and over until you are either tired or caught in subspace. Number 1; Stretch your torso out like a kitten, nice and long and hold for a nice stretch for about 10 seconds. Number 2; Bring your rear back to your feet while poking it out as if you are serving it on a platter. Number 3; Bring your butt back to the normal crawl position where its slightly poked out and wag your butt like it was a tail and shake, shake, shake. Repeat the three positions over and over or stay in whatever position that is more exciting to you. Once you have reached the desired result(subspace, fatigue, even orgasm), open your eyes and thank your invisible Mistress or Master. Any bondage activity requires consulting proper resources; use care, safety and common sense.

4. How many times have we waited for the right Dominant to come along to brand us, tattoo us or pierce us? So let?s alleviate some of that and get one nipple pierced. Maybe you want your potential Dominant to decide whether he or she likes it or not, if your Dominant likes it than he or she may request that both nipples be pierced. If not, then only one is pierced and you and your Dominant can decide to remove the one piercing or not.

5. Reading D/s or BDSM poetry and stories. Poetry and stories have a way of allowing us to drift off into our subconscious and create images or translate the information that we take in. Reading a good book or indulging in D/s or BDSM poetry is pleasing and nourishing for the submissive spirit. I recommend "The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty" by A N Roquelaure (aka Anne Rice).

(Editor recommends Twisted Erotica or Filthy Gorgeous Things for BDSM Poetry and other erotic writing.)
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