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Female Ejaculation: What It Is, and Why It Is Fun

Female Ejaculation: What It Is, and Why It Is Fun

Posted on Sep 8, 2011 by Contributor

Female ejaculation has been a topic of great debate sinceancient times. Philosophers, naturalists and scientists of old basically, middle-agedmen trying to figure out female sexuality puzzled about the nature of thefemale orgasm, and were particularly intrigued by the origin and purpose of allpussy juices, including a certain discharge that accompanies climax in somewomen. In the early Renaissance, for example, some believed that femaleejaculation, and hence, orgasm, was necessary for conception, because itcontained a certain kind of seed, which had to be combined with the seedcontained in sperm. It was every husbands duty, then, to make sure that hiswife came during sex, if he wanted to have a respectable, large and happy family. 
In early modern times, however, some anatomists andpsychologists believed that female ejaculation was a symptom: ejaculating madewomen more libidinous, and, therefore, it could cause hysteria. Others, likethe famed American biologist Alfred Kinsey, were more extreme, and believedthere was no such thing as female ejaculation: if a woman squirted during sex,it was probably because she couldnt hold it, and was actually peeing all overher partner.
Although the debate still continues, today more and moresexologists agree that female ejaculation is a reality. Many women reportsquirting during sex, and scientists have studied female ejaculation in thelab. The liquid that some women expel during climax is not urine, according tomost researchers: its a special kind of prostate fluid, which comes from theregion associated with the Grafenburg Spot (or G Spot, as it is commonly called), a spongy, bean shaped area in the vagina.

So if you have never experienced squirting, and you want to give it atry, a sure way in that direction is to ask your partner to stimulate the Gspot. Here are some tips for anyone who wants to start on the path towardssquirting:

1. Make sure you're relaxed, and comfortable with the idea of squirting.

2. Start by exploring the outside of thepussy, rubbing the clit with your fingers, and helping your partner to get you more aroused.

3. Have him/her slip one or two fingers into the vagina (middle fingers are best). Then, explorethe upper wall of the vagina (toward the pubic bone), and gently move your finger using a come here motion. This is how you stimulate the "G"-Spot.

4. After a stimulating the G spot in the way describedbefore, run your finger like a window washer, to cover that entire area.

5. Switch between these two basic movements, increasing theintensity of the pressure applied to the upper wall of the vagina, during the comehere motion. It may not happen the first time, so don't be disappointed. You may prefer a different method of stimulation that works for you (maybe, continuous external stimulation of the clit). Tell your partner what feels best. After a few sessions of practicing, you will both be able toexperience the wetness and excitement of female ejaculation.

These are only some tips. If you want to learn more, you canvisit this link: http://www.tantra.com/tantric_sex/tantric_techniques/helping_a_woman_to_ejaculate_successfully.html

Squirt on! We really dont need to tell you why its fun.

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