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Feeling Better But Nothing to Write Home About

Feeling Better But Nothing to Write Home About

Posted on Nov 3, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

Ok, so it took me more than a day to feel better, but here I am! I can breathe through both nostrils and my fever and sore throat are gone. It appears I had the latest virulent strain of influenza that is going around. It hit me so fast, I couldn't even react with my usual herbal remedies. And now all of my friends are getting it, so everyone in the North East, please be careful!

Anyway, since I last crawled into my bed abd pulled the covers over my head, nothing new and exciting has transpired. However, give me a day and maybe we'll make history here in the United States! (That's right - I'm an educated, middle-class liberal and I make no apologies for it!)

I expect to resume filming again this weekend so perhaps I'll have some fun and juicy tidbit to share with you next week if nothing noteworthy happens between now and then.

Be good.


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