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Exposing a CyberBully to the World Wide Web

Exposing a CyberBully to the World Wide Web

Posted on Aug 30, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

This morning I turned on my phone and was greeted by a series of text messages from Henning Jacobsen from Germany (he's actually Danish but lives in Germany) who threatened me with shutting down my website if I expose his behavior. I'd like to see him try it. And I'd like the world to witness his ridiculous behavior first hand.

I have made it very clear to Henning not to contact me but he persists. He emails me, calls me and sends me text messages constantly, becoming more and more antagonistic as time goes on. This has been going on since I returned from Germany in June and I have stayed quiet about it, thinking he would get tired and move on. But it seems he has made it his mission to contact me with nasty, insulting emails under such fake addresses as




I will no longer stay quiet while Henning harrasses me and especially while he threatens me. I have taken such steps as blocking his email addresses and blocking his IP from my website, but he still won't leave me alone. He has an IT background and apparently friends willing to assist him in his behavior.

I should point out that I have done nothing to this man to encourage this behavior.

It all started when I went to visit him in Germany. We didn't get along very well and on the final night he tried to throw me out because I expressed my opinion about his behavior. When I refused to leave he threatened to call the police on me. This was all completely unjustified and he apologized the next morning for it but why would I want to remain friends with him after that?

Things got out of hand when he planned to visit the USA and I tactfully told him I would not be available to see him. He became angry and demanding in his correspondence, then he accused me of theft in his home (this "theft" occured when we were both in Berlin for the day). That's when I told him not to contact me anymore. What followed were accusations, digging through my personal records, veiled threats of revenge and finally more apologies when his investigations proved what he knew all along - that I was innocent.

I went about with my life ignoring his repeated attempts to contact me and to join my maillist with fake email addresses when I discovered that he joined my website. I immediately removed the disparaging messages he attempted to post, removed his membership and issued him a refund. That's when he issued his threat to sue me if I didn't reinstate his membership within two days. Well, it's been four days and that's all I'll say about that.

Now, aside from threatening to shut down my website if I don't stay quiet about his behavior, he has promised to dispatch friends to OWK's 2009 Celebrations to slander me to patrons.

A real prince, that Henning.

So, we will see in the next few hours to few days what happens. If my website is successfully taken down it's likely because Henning Jacobsen used the 12 years of  IT experience he boasted about in his text message to harm my business. Everything I have stated in this post is verifiable and I would strongly advise other ladies to stay clear of this man. I could say so much more about things he's done and said but I think you all get the point of this post.


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