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Exciting News

Exciting News

Posted on Jun 21, 2010 by Goddess Sonya

So, I've been working on having the bigger video screen option integrated into my sites and it's really a labor of love. Two steps forward, one step back. But don't worry! I'll get it done and it'll be great.

I got an email today from UrbanXAwards.com telling me that Ethnic Kink was nominated for an award for Best Fetish Niche Site. I'm so excited by this news and I hope you'll take a minute and Vote for me. I'm so proud to be nominated and if you help me, I can win that award.

Vacation is slowly giving way to demands of work, but I'm not complaining. The wheels of progress never stop and neither will I.

I am however going to call it a night for now, sip some chamomile tea and read my Kindle until I fall asleep. A girl does need her beauty rest after all.

Goodnight and don't forget to vote... Deadline is June 30th 2010.


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