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Cold Outside But Things looking Brighter!

Cold Outside But Things looking Brighter!

Posted on Apr 14, 2009 by Goddess Sonya

Good Morning!

It's cold outside like a winter day but inside my head it's all nice and clear like a summer day. TicklednTeased.com is coming along, changes to GoddessSonya.com are pretty much done for now and I'm getting a new slate of models to shoot with ... let's hope they work out.

The only thing I wish were different about today, aside from the weather, is that I didn't have so many outstanding side projects keeping me from working out daily. But I have to take the good with the not-so-good, you know what I mean? Something has to give in order for other things to be done.

A friend of mine once told me that anything worth doing is never easy, otherwise everyone would be doing it. Truer words never stuck in my mind...


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